A big week coming up!!

Well we are almost set for the post out of the Philippines and Uganda parcel to be sent to Sydney this week – we have pledged 25 dresses and we are ready to get them off.

Then we are almost set for the postage of the parcel to Pakistan with the addition of long sleeved t shirts. I thank everyone for their help as I know I have stretched the good vibes a bit recently asking for a bit of help. I am grateful for your assistance – an we are making a difference. We have lots of school supplies coming in too which is wonderful.


I have been in touch with a home for children in Tanzania which works with children whose parents have died from HIV and am waiting for a response to our offer of help for dresses. I am keen to widen our reach.

We also have pledged dresses for the Global School Partners to a children’s home in Kiisi and we will deliver those dresses in mid December.

I am planning a sewing day in late January …. probably the last weekend. All are welcome.

Thank you to Cherrill for another great lot of wonderful fabrics – I have gone through them and those I cannot use gets delivered to several groups who sew for charity…. so keep them coming …. all donations are gratefully received and used.

Bless you all