A catch-up update

I hope you don’t mind but seeing I am trying to pull everything to here I thought I would do a catch up to save the copy paste of all the facebook page… our facebook page can be found  here

Dresses to go:  We have a large number of dresses ready to be sewn … Sue and I have been cutting and we have them in their little kits all set. So if you want to sew soon please contact me on carol@tatteredinspirations.com, ring 0423388354 or through facebook here. OR pick them up at the front door of my house – they are all ready to go 🙂


Donations :  I am needing school supplies at the moment – new pencils, coloured pencils, safety scissors, erasers, chalk and sharpeners for the package to Pakistan. No books please as I cannot afford the postage at this time. I will be sending these about 20th November.

Roof for Yousaf:  We did it!! We have raised enough for Yousaf’s roof and it took us about one week – so thank you so much. Yousaf has three children and had built the walls over the past 2 years living in a tent. He could not afford the roof. But with your help his open sky home will have a roof – all the materials have been purchased and I look forward to hearing that it is on!! I will post a pic once I receive it.


Dresses to the Philipinnes & Uganda:  We are sending 25 dresses to the Philipinnes and Uganda through the Sydney office next week, for their Christmas distribution. We have the dresses made and ready and we look forward to seeing the pics once they arrive back – 25 more little girls dressed!

Dresses to Pakistan:  We are posting more dresses to Pakistan for distribution and will include a gift for each girl and a gift for their mother, plus school supplies…. which we still need …. please….


Welcome to Sew For A Girl …. Perth:  Thank you to Rachel, a lovely friend of mine,  for forming another group in Perth – how exciting. Rachel already has dresses sewn and interested ladies ….. next year they look like they will be busy!!

Shout out to Sue Haviv:  Sue is a great friend of mine who I have known for many years. We have worked together and had lots of giggles. So far Sue has sewn over 30 dresses and is now cutting the cross over bodice dresses which are her favourite to sew! Thank you Sue for all you do!!

Thank you Julia and Bec: for coninuing to gather material – we have cut up a lot already. Lots of little dresses

Patterns for Dresses:  We have two patterns available, which I drafted, and can post multi size patterns to trace off as required. The cost is a $5.00 donation through Paypal to cover printing and postage (Australia only) for both designs, including instructions.  Just drop me an email once you have donated with your address and I will post it to you. Please note these are for use for this project and if you wish personal use – but are not for use commercially.

Sew for a Girl Day:  I am planning a day in January to get together and sew and giggle – probably late January at this stage….. I will keep everyone in the loop. It was such fun last time – I hope we can do it again.

Wool and Yarn:  Phyl who donated a huge amount of fabric has asked us to keep an eye out for wool…. she knits for Nepal … so please drop off here and I will take it to Phyl…. what goes around comes around and this lady was incredibly generous – she filled the back of my car!! and I have a 4×4…. amazing

And lastly:  Please keep the donations coming – share among your friends that we can happily use their stash of fabrics (cotton is the best) that they cannot use but don’t want to throw away. We have a lot at the moment but it will dwindle – as it does! Keep an eye out for undies on special and also bias binding and other trims – we go through a lot …. for instance I went through 20 metres of broderie anglaise lace the other day … it doesn’t take long!! If the donations cannot be used by me I pass them onto other groups who make things for charity…… so it all gets used in the end!!

Thank you for making a difference to the world, one little girl at a time.

With love