Precious Arrival for Christmas

It is with a happy heart that I write that Yousaf and his children received their quilts and their beds this week – and today Lubna travelled the 40 kilometres to see them and give them their gifts.


The four new quilts and two new beds Thanks to Karen, Ros, Leah, Libby, Mick, Jodie and Bec



Opening their presents

Thank you everyone for your generosity and for making this happen even through it is a crazy time of the year, with so much to do and funds in most families are low (to the extreme in the leadup to the day)

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You opened your hearts – and wallets and because of that – one family is warm, with their own quilts and new clothes, and some school supplies.


We can change the world one step at a time – to do something to make things easier for someone else. Thank you for showing love in action for this little family who needed our help!

Lubna is also distributing the rest of the supplies and will keep us updated

More soon!!