Thank you from the bottom of my (grateful) heart

Okay – it is quite amazing and I am totally grateful tonight. The story is that Lubna contacted me in regards to Yousaf – who we built a roof for…… see here ….. well it seems that he and his three kids every night settle onto a single bed and share one quilt to sleep. If anyone has slept with a toddler … we can relate how that must feel – no room and inadequate covering in Pakistan’s winter!

Well within an hour we have raised enough money for 4 new quilts and two new bed frames (wooden) the total of $142 AU !!!!! I am honestly in awe of this so close to Christmas – and I know that it is a tough time for many families trying to pay the bills and do the Christmas thing – but you opened your hearts and I am so grateful. This money has been sent to Lubna in Pakistan tonight and I expect that within a day or so Yousaf and his children will have beds and quilts, so important in Pakistan’s winter. I said to Lubna it would be days before I knew whether we had raised the money – it had just been two hours!!!!!!! WOW … I will post pics as soon as I can.


Bed frame wooden – $25 US each

Thanks to the fabulous material I have received this week – particularly to Clare and her Mum Anne for the deliver of lots of lovely cotton prints. They found us through the website and that was extremely exiting in itself!!!!!  I have also received undies and fabric from Diane, Liisa-Lyn and Iris. Whatever is not used by us, goes to the Bag Ladies who sew for charity and the VIEW sewing groups for various charities, who sew items to help others. If they are still not able to be used (and believe me we are very lateral in this regard) they are donated to charity.

The Pakistan box (postage of $125) has been sent and contains 12 dresses with a tiny teddy bear, headband and undies in the pocket; 12 presents for the ladies and mothers; school supplies – pencils, erasers, scissors, and sharpeners; a gift including an outfit for each of Yousafs children; and a gift bag for Lubna. I am expecting that the delivery is imminent as I spent another $11 on fast tracked post.

Good news is that I will now sell the Just Like Me Dolls as a fund raiser through my business website only from January 1st – and each doll sold will raise $12 for Sew for a Girl Canberra. I will pop up a link in January so I would ask you to promote it so we can raise more funds!!!! These dolls will ship around the work for a total cost of $40 per doll …… please tell your friends.


Just Like Me Dolls – $40 shipped world wide

Just to let you know that 20 dresses have been shipped off to Sydney to make their way to both the Philippines and Uganda through the Sydney Dress a Girl around the World Coordinator.

And last but not at all least – thank you to Chris and Rose for the amazing job that they have done on sewing these dresses….. I am so grateful!!!!! These will go to Kiisi in Kenya


Don’t forget the Sunday sewing day – last Sunday in January when we will sew for Tanzania.

With thanks and a grateful heart