We have been material shopping

So it happened today that we were off to Lincraft (store) to purchase a bit of material for my business. I popped it up on Facebook that Lincraft was having a 50% sale and I would happily pick up fabric for sewing dresses if people wanted me to buy it for them. All in all I had $230 including a voucher of $10 – so off Gill and I went.

just a bit of the fabric – most was on the bench LOL


with Karen’s fabric

We purchased metres and metres of gorgeous fabrics – quilting cottons in colours that the ladies who donated would love. We bought the colours of coral, pink, blue nad red for our friend Debi – they were her faves, blue whales for Karens donation – her boys would approve, a bright funky one for Kristy’s with the info for bright and colourful, blue willow pattern for Gills fabric as that is her fave pattern and colours, and a lovely blue cherry blossom one for Jody’s. You will find the progress on the Sponsor a dress page in the sidebar.

in memory of Debi – who loved these colours


Jody’s fabric

All in all we have enough fabric to make over 30 flutter sleeve dresses and each dress will be created with love for Tanzania over the next two months. How great are our supporters and friends who give of their time and the funds to make this a possibility.

Thank you especially to Merrilyn J (in memory of Debi Clark), Gill P, Karen W, Jody U, Libby G, and Kristy H

Thank you also to Libby G who donated this amazing haul of fabrics too!!

I cannot wait for the process to begin!!