47 dresses and counting

Well we have sent the 26 dresses to Tanzania and we are waiting for the email to say that they have reached the country. Very soon the girls in Amani Kids orphanage will have their new dresses, and lots more!! In case you missed it (check our facebook page to become a follower and see it all) we have so many people involved in this project and we were able to send each girl their own bag, inside the bag is a beautiful dress, a pair of undies, a colouring book, a necklace and three delightful cards made by kids. For the littlest four they received more age appropriate gifts. We also also included a huge amount of pencils and stationery items.

The bags ready to send

What each girl receives

Thank you to Robyn who kindly funded the postage by air – we both felt that sea mail was far too long and more easily likely to get ‘lost’ with so much extra handling. I am expecting the package to arrive by the end of this week!!We honestly cannot wait to see the photos!! I will post them here as soon as I receive them from Gideon and the matrons.

Thank you to everyone who has been involved in this undertaking ….. it has been massive and the amazing ‘village’ we have has provided so much for these girls.

We are now making shorts for the boys in Tanzania – so they also don’t miss out. And we have been able to find and purchase these awesome colouring packs for each boy! We also have undies and t-shirts for all the boys! And I have spied a few things that we will probably include such as games …. I will need help with postage – so I will do a call out soon!! Thank you all so much for your support – I could not do it without you.

The boys shorts patterns

Bec D also let me know about an annual mission which happens each year to PNG. So we have a lot of the smaller dresses and we have dropped off the dresses so they can be taken over to PNG. How great is it when we don’t have to post!!!!! Usually the coordinator takes over second hand clothes – but this time he will also take special dresses to the girls, new and never worn! How lovely is that!!

Watch out for a high tea event probably in May – to raise money for postage and supplies our work …. we will need to plan this soon – so in the next couple of weeks I should know more!!

Days for Girls – there is a sewing day planned on the 1st April by the Canberra City Team. I will be attending to see how it all is done. Please feel welcome to come along with me. Once we have done this I expect that we will start to go into production for Pakistan. This is hinging on Lubna completing the online training so I am waiting on confirmation for that to be done. Obviously the online training is essential to the success of the program – she then can train others to deliver the training but we need Lubna to be the ambassador of Pakistan.

Days for girls kits

I think that is it at the moment – I will cut some more flutter sleeve dresses and use up most of my fabric reserves – so please keep an eye out for appropriate cotton fabrics and trims. If you are looking to sew – Please contact me via email carol@sewforagirlcanberra.com

Our flutter sleeve dresses as very loved by the girls and so pretty

Thank you so much for your support and I look forward to see what our village achieves this year!!