A Quick Post tonight

A little quick post tonight – as the week ahead is going to be huge …. so get ready!!We are definitely in the calm before the storm stage right now 🙂 but it is all good

The boys package to Tanzania will be freighted early next week once I have finalised just a few more things!! Thanks to Gill for the colouring books, Sue for the extra bags, Courtney for the bags for the little girls and all the kind donations big and small to get everything done. We are freighting this package and thanks to John also for the help with the freight – other donations have also been received for postage and will be used for Pakistan, Nepal and the Northern Territory. Currently we have around $550 in the kitty – great news.

Next week 18 dresses will be posted to Nepal, 4 dresses and 21 short sets will be freighted to Tanzania and 24 dresses sent to the Northern Territory!!!!!

Plus we are in the middle of the Days for Girls production! We have made enough shields for the first lot to go to Pakistan ….. and will be doing these through the months ahead. Tanzania would also like them and the training will be completed to make all of this a reality. Thank you for the amazing donations of undies, soaps, facewashers and time to make this work!! Especially the Canberra Crew – wow …. and Gill, has brought us the snap press and the snaps – we are ready to rock!!

We will have good news soon about a Marketing and events coordinator … I have been approached by someone who I have known for many years and will chat to her in a week or two – but it sounds exciting!

Apart from that – everything is going so well – thank you for everything you do – we have people who are joining us all the time – who sew and love what we do, who want to give, who donate their time and expertise – I am feeling so blessed to have you on board!!

Thank you – my heart is full