Amani Kids – Tanzania

The boys in their new clothes!!It is so amazing that our package sent 10days go arrived at Tanzania to the kids at Amani!! Thank you so much to the generous man who donated the considerable freight for this package – because it got there in record time and the kids did not have to wait 9 weeks for it to arrrive!!!!

I love this photo – 23 kilos on the back of a motorbike – delivering our box to the kids

The story really begins last year when Robyn talked with the amazing Sue to let her know about this Children’s Home in Tanzania. You might remember that we had a sewing day with donated fabric for the girls… and that package finally arrived after 9 long (and stressful) weeks.

After speaking with Gideon, we decided to sew for the boys – something we have never done before! And the sewing ladies learnt a new pattern and we were off….. thank you so much to everyone who sewed for this amazing delivery – it is so wonderful.

Gideon who manages Amani Kids in Tanzania

Donations of boys T shirts and undies came in from all over – but particularly from Karen, Libby, Sue, Ron, Gill and Kristy. Then Jessica found these amazing colouring packs in KMart for under $4 each and bought out both Tuggeranong and Belconnen…. I gained a few non-specific donations and bought some UNO games ($2.50 each at the local cheap shop!!), Connect 4 and another younger kids game.

The colouring packs are a hit!!

We also included tennis and soccer balls donated by Tash, colouring books and some story books about Australia. Thanks also to Courtney who bought the littlest girls the felt bags and Gill for the older girls colouring books.

CWA makes great bags we used for the girls but had run out – so Sue (bless her!!) made all of these for the boys, from donated fabric we couldn’t use for clothes…… we thought how great they would be for he boys as the girls are using theirs a lot to keep their belongings and treasures in – the boys could use them too!!

The bags are very loved and appreciated

Michelle asked her class to make cards for the kids – and the kids love them!! Each kid got two cards each, and a woolies around the world card too. Never underestimate this important step…. it honestly makes a world of difference to these packages for the kids! There is a spot on the toolbar to show you how to go about it!

Look at the boy on the right looking at the Card from another child across the world – how important is that!!!!!

So every boy and girl in the home has now got new clothes – we picked up the 6 new kids in this package too – 4 of them being girls…..

So I am going to let the rest of the photos speak for themselves – thank you for your amazing support …. I could honestly not do this without your help!!

New to Imani – but still not forgotten – doesn’t she look amazing in her new dress

waiting to open the bags – cheeky smiles!!


The boys in their new clothes …. serious cool looking dudes


too cute!!!! how cool is this little dude

waiting to see what is inside

I had forgotten to add this little girls necklace last time around which she was sad about – we made it right …. I think those eyes say it all really

Bags by Sue!!


Look whats in here!

Feeling great in new threads!

So thank you all – You made it happen!

My heart is full today