And so it begins in Pakistan!!

How amazing it is to make a difference to girls so they can attend school (every school day of the month) and they can get an education, they can build a career and make choices in their lives. Did you know that 130,000,000 kids don’t attend school and 70% of those are girls and most girls give up school when they get their periods because it is just to hard to cope missing school days and falling behind because of their periods??

One simple pack changes all of that ! One pack that costs just a few dollars to make (we donate them) and a bit of time. One pack that lasts for 3 years.

So when I asked Lubna how the girls manage their periods in Pakistan we had a very interesting conversation. Girls are not told about their periods, they just happen and then they have to deal with it an way they can …. in many countries that means sitting inside the house like you are sick waiting for it to pass. Using whatever is available to soak up the blood, old cardboard, mattress stuffing, leaves, paper, rags ….. even ash and rocks – infections occur and in particular chlamydia and urinary tract infections.

So Lubna and I have been planning this for months – we both did online training, which is not easy where you have the training in a different language and you have the computer for just one hour a day from a friend. Lubna was unable to download the videos too which made it harder still – but she did it!! and now we have a qualified trainer in Pakistan and we are so delighted that the first kits have arrived along with 12 dresses.

Lubna and the Days for Girls Flip Chart for Training – thank to Philippa Leask for giving us this vital resource

And so we begin. Reaching out to girls in Pakistan. Helping girls stay in school, getting an education and changing the projectory of their future …. breaking the poverty cycle.

The Days for Girls Kits

Lubna with the package contents – lots of dresses and Days for Girls Packs and some gifts too


We have officially got our Days for Girls team going we are Tuggeranong ACT Australia and I am delighted to let you know that we can receive tax deductible donations through Rotary – please write Tuggeranong ACT Australia in the area which is labled ‘Results’ this will ensure we can withdraw the funds … the Rotary online form is here


A quick few things – we are desperate for cards for the kids – our stock is down to about 6 – and I put two in each dress or shorts pack – HELP!!!!! There is info in the side bar of how this works

A shout out to the CWAs who are steadily coming on board and doing such a great job – Moss Vale, Hospital Support Group, Tillgerry, Gungahlin, Bathurst Evening Group and I have had contact from Canberra and Bungendore as well.

I have talks planned at various events which is awesome and I really love showing people what we do!! And how important it is.

We have a contact in Tanzania who runs a school there – I am looking forward to meeting Garratt in July.

Michelle and I will be chatting and developing a plan over the next months as we roll out some events and our plans to get things happening

I will keep you updated with more news as it comes to hand – but it is very exciting