Busy Week!!

What a busy week coming up and through the Easter Break = thank you everyone for your support and not just a little understanding.

Project Didi – which works with the girls rescued from sex trafficking in Nepal has taken over 14 dresses and they have been so well received. The dresses are made with so much love and fabric kindly donated by Jody, Karen and Libby – I am sure it thrills you as it does me, to see these gorgeous girls wearing a special dress made for them!! Please note that Project Didi always protects the identity of the girls so the photo is a back view – we applaud them for being sensitive to the girls health and well being.

We kicked off our first day of dance at Asha Nepal yesterday and saw some great dance moves from the children with Jack from Australian Dance Camp we can’t wait to see their final dance pieces! We also dropped off some gorgeous dresses from @sewforagirl and as you can see the girls couldn’t wait to wear them! Project Didi

Thanks to Dress a Girl Around the World NZ for taking on a consignment we could not deal with – 30 size 6 dresses for Cambodia. Karen Wilson the coordinator is thrilled to have the contact and will liaise with them for delivery – she has a much larger stock than we do.

It is with so much pleasure, that I can let you know, that we have a Northern Territory Indigenous Community we are now providing support for!! Lana and I have chatted and in the first instance we will send 20 dresses and as many shorts and t shirts that we can send. We will be in touch again but want to see the response and whether they meet the communities needs. This is a outlying group of mobs, 5.5 hours drive from Darwin and it gets rained in for 7 months of the year. Clothing needs to be brought in via truck which is inhibitive. Therefore we will see how it goes – but it is exciting.

CWA has delivered some great items from their members and I am delighted to say we have flannel, lace, face washers, soap, undies, and bias binding. I have in turn given them our flutter sleeve pattern and shorts pattern. I look forward to more contact with this marvelous group of women!!

Just a note on Tanzania, Uganda and PNG – no photos as yet … I will pop them up when I get them

Thank you everyone for your support – we will send the boys shorts to Tanzania once the girls package arrives – certainly Gideon and I don’t need to be chasing two boxes – one is definitely enough.

And I forgot – Music4Kids in Nepal is wanting dresses too!! how exciting is that!! More to come

Bye for now – I will update next week