Changing the future of girls in Pakistan

Changing girls lives in Pakistan

These simple packs will keep them in School

Lubna is doing an awesome job doing education classes and distributing kits throughout Pakistan! She has see first hand the effects of this very practical intervention. Helping girls learn about their bodies and keeping them in school.

Lubna explaining how to care for the pack and how to use the liners

I asked her what the women thought about Days for Girls and how they responded…. here is her reply (used with permisssion)

It is awesome…. when i talked first time about this they just felt not good hear about these things…as they have not heard before due to cultural situation. But as they listen all the details they were amazed and their mouths remained opened. They like this initiative and they would love that there are other girls who are in desperate need of kits. Amazing and lovely work by you. They are sending thanking words to all the sewing ladies.

If you cannot manage your period – you cannot attend school (130,000,000 kids don’t attend school, over 70% are girls)

If you cannot attend school you cannot catch up with the cirriculumn (one week out of every four is missed)

If you cannot catch up then you feel it is too hard to continue

If you don’t continue with school then you leave to work as a domestic and marry young (often to an older man or widower)

If you marry young, you probably have many children (some before your body is mature enough)

And so the cycle continues… for future girls, and generations like it has always been……

The smile says it all – opening of her world, increasing her choices – making her dreams possible

That is why Days for Girls is so important – it keeps girls in school… it gives them choices, helps them build a future, get an education and helps them make different choices for their lives. They no longer are bound by poverty, early marriage and lots of children. It strengthens and builds communities.

A little in awe perhaps but now with the information to change their lives and the packs to make it happen – these girls can stay in school and create a future …. different to generations before them

It increases education.

It provides possibilities and sustainability.

getting information about a previously not talked about topic – can be challenging even for the oldest of the women – but breaking these ingrained cultural taboos is important so women can take part in their community without fear or shame

July Sewing Day …

We all came together and sewed, cut, assembled kits and dresses – it was an amazing group of women who came together for a common purpose – to make a difference. We enjoyed the chance to be with other women – to see how things happen and to giggle and be productive. Most of all it was fun!! Thanks to Gill P for hosting and not blinking when the numbers grew to 11! Her mornign tea was amazing (I had 3 pieces of her amazing cake – but don’t tell anyone!!)

Gill our hostess with the finished kits

Our lovely ladies Sewed and overlocked their hearts out! We all worked on different things according to what we wanted or needed to do on the day

Anna-Maria in the left assembling kits, Tricia sewing dresses, Jenny overlocking shields

Gorgeous Boshka who pinned the hotspot to the linings – she did an amazing job

Leanne and I with a completed kit!

Linda did an amazing job with bags (because we desperately needed them – so thank you Linda) and Sue who sewed little infant dresses with cross over bodices, and Liz sewing the hotspot to the liner pieces…. poetry in action

the assembly line to put together the Days for Girls Kits – Anna-Marie, Me, Leanne and Courtney – with the gorgeous Austin under the table making baby gurgling noises

reading the ingredient label for morning tea – it is serious business

Thank you for your amazing work ladies – and thank you also to Toowoomba and Canberra City Days for Girls for their help in getting the next lot of kits to Pakistan with Liners and Bags – to supplement our own.

I am blown away by our tribe and what we can achieve – it takes many of us – and we made it happen … thank you all

Love C