Changing the world one girl at a time

It is small things that make a difference.

A smile when you are sad, a hand when you are lonely, a bed when you need a safe place to sleep, a dress of your own…. because you are beyond priceless and should be valued as such. In Kiisi Kenya there is such a place where two amazing people, Steve and Margy – a couple, have brought in 37 kids off the street with no safe home to their place, and they care for there them as their own. It is called ‘Safehaven’ and the kids are safe and cared for.

Don’t you love this photo …. the dresses have arrived!!!!

We can only imagine the washing!!!! the sign says it all really 🙂

Imagine getting a new dress … just for you ….. how special

Don’t they look fabulous …. such a pleasure to sew for these girls

Sweet girls …. new dresses and we are delighted that you like your dresses

What a privilege to sew for you

With love from us all