Christmas time

As I write this I understand how busy we all are and how like many people I am running trying to get everything done. So firstly my apologies for not updating this for a while – I have gone back to paid employment (which I am enjoying immensely) but I have kept the facebook page up to date but not the website! So for the most up to date information please visit our facebook page….. Sew for a girl Canberra

with so many thanks to you all!!!!!

It seems to me that we often think the need is so great we can only make a drop in the sea of need. And while this individually is true – it is actually amazing what we can achieve together with a vision. What started out in July 2016 has grown to make a difference to 750 children and really, if we counted the many kids benefiting from school supplies and ongoing flow on effects for girls as they are able to attend school regularly – the flow on effect for the communities is much greater.

Changing these girls lives through Days for Girls Kits

One thing that we realised this year is that we do what we can, but we don’t spread our funds too thinly. We have been asked to provide toilets, school fees, washing machines and countless other things. But we know where we make the most impact and have identified that by harnessing our own abilities and providing lots of opportunities to create, donate and be involved, we are helping many more children.

A delivery of 30 or so dresses that have been lovingly sewn 🙂

The donations of fabric, undies and soaps etc, have become so regular that we now do not buy these things very often. Flannelette was a big issue for us this year as the fabric used in each menstrual kit is 1 metre. This became very costly and was taking quite a bit of our donated funds. With the help of the group we have now rolls of flanelette and it is wonderful to know that we have enough for sometime. Thank you everyone for your donations to buy the flannelette and Tanya T for your amazing and generous donation. Thank you also to Chris M who donated metres of PUL this has lightened the load hugely and it needed in all the shields we make.

Packing the Days for Girls Kits

Postage is always an issue – with $140 used every month to pay for the postage of 10 kilos (30 Kits) into Pakistan. We certainly need to do a fundraiser in the early part of next year to continue our work. It is essential to get the kits to the people who need it and it is making such a difference to the girls lives – we cannot stop now!! If you would like to donate towards the postage – we would be really grateful – it is really our most pressing need at the moment. Donate here.

The education session … learning about periods – information they never have been told before!

So it is with my grateful thanks to all my amazing team who cut, sew, package, pack, and donate their time and efforts to this project. Without you I could not possibly get it all done! Every week I am contacted by a person who is interested in sewing for us. While a few have dropped off the radar – many have joined and at last count there were about 50 from most states and Territories of Australia. While I cannot thank everyone – I would like to thank in particular Jenny S, Liz Mac, Linda, Chris M, Julia M, Sue H, Gill P and Leonie who are always doing everything they can to make the project succeed.

Our regular sewing mornings

A particular shout out to Gill P who helps me co-manage the Days for Girls part of our venture – and works so hard at washing, dyeing, tracing and also cuts, pieces and overlocks all our bags. Gill does an amazing job. Gill is still grateful when I arrive with more fabric to cut – or undies to dye exclaiming ‘oh goody!!’ – and does it all with humour and never a complaint!

Gill my co-manager for Days for Girls

Also thank you to Sue H and her husband Ron who work together at tracing all the dresses and the shorts and cutting them and putting them into packs. This is amazingly time consuming, but it is so useful for our sewers to know it is all ready for them when they pick up their packs for sewing. Sue also sews many dresses and shorts and sustains her sense of humour even when I arrive with boxes of donated fabrics! Ron has my old Janome overlocker and is now our hotspot washer, cutter and overlocker guru. We have introduced Ron to the rotary cutter recently and he is really enjoying this quick way of cutting the hotspots.

Sue – who I would be totally lost without

Of donations – there are so many it is hard to know where to start. So thank you to my friends who give of their time and funds to help out where they can …. we certainly are in a much better place at the end of this year than at the beginning! Our call outs are less frequent and this is a great thing. Every time I have had a call out – people have helped… with funds… with donations…with fabric…  I am beyond thankful. I appreciate you all and hope you will keep an eye out when we occasionally need assistance – without your help – it would have fizzled to nothing.

One of the generous donations of fabric received this year

Thank you to the amazing CWA – we now have several teams that help us regularly – and it is such a wonderful thing! We love getting the packages which always hold marvelous things to help our work – and the ladies are so fantastic to work with – thank you Kerrie and Elisabeth!

A letter from one of the Dapto cub scouts – says it all really!!

Over the last 18 months we have gone from strength to strength – Sue and I often reminisce about the time would try to match up fabrics for the tiny dresses and have nothing to use….. how we used to regularly go to Lincraft for a piece of cotton to blend in with several dresses at once, or how I would constantly be buying bias binding……..and now we have lots of gorgeous fabrics, bias and notions which have been donated and we are so blessed.

One of our dresses on a little girl at Fountain of Peace in Uganda

Tomorrow we celebrate Christmas, and we have a lot to celebrate. Love, friends, hope and a sense of belonging to a world which we can offer all of these things. So from me to you, I wish you a blessed Christmas, full of love and joy, and my heartfelt gratitude on helping make the life of children a little easier because we care.

Small things – these pencils are good quality and will help at School in Pakistan – many of our parcels contain school supplies

With love