End of August Update

New Days for Girls Kits – keeping these girls in school and armed with the knowledge they need

Well these last weeks have gone fast but we are working behind the scenes to help kids in many ways … thanks so many people for your assistance – it is marvelous how many people are involved and I appreciate you all.

Thanks Chris for a fabulous sewing venue      

As I write this I am having a tea and reminiscing about our wonderful sewing day today and how many fantastic sewers and helpers we had. How great is this little village?  Today we focused largely on the Days for Girls packs as our hope is that we will get in front of what is needed each month … currently we send Lubna in Pakistan 30 kits a month and this seems to be what we can feasibly manage. In real terms this is quite a lot of work and uses a lot of resources … for instance 30 kits uses 30 metres of flannelette in the 240 liners, 2 metres of PUL (almost) and 60 large zip lock bags and the same amount of undies and then 30 facewashers and soaps. Thirty kits definitely take more that one 6 hour day for a group to finish…. there are many hours of sewing prior to the day to get these kits done.

So with thanks to Linda, Liz, Jenny, Gill, Chris and Natalie for all your work prior to today …. it helped us produce the kits on time. Thanks to everyone who donated undies and washers too – it makes so much difference!!

Funky shorts by Linda!!

The Cook Consortium has been spectacular in their sewing efforts recently and today we received the fruits of their labour. Thank you to Tania who assists in bring this all together and the amazing ladies who sew and get things done!!

Wonderful colours and dresses by the Cook Consortium … blown away

Colourful shorts for the boys too!

We have received lots of dresses too from others in the group this month …. Julia, Sue, Chris, Linda and Di …. we are stockpiling for several deliveries now …. and look forward to sending them out in the months ahead….. Uganda, Kenya and Papua New Guinea are just a few countries we are going to be supplying. In the next weeks ahead I will be sorting out the logistics of deliveries.

We did a talk to the Laurel Group in Belconnen last week which went very well. The ladies loved the information and several are going to look through their stashes at home. I also thank Lori for collecting fabric and we have lots of great boys shorts fabric as well as bias, lace and pretty prints. Every week I receive fabric – and it goes to good use … nothing is wasted and we try to use everything – if we cannot use it we find someone who can!!!

As I write this update I am waiting for photos from Lubna who gave out packs today. But here is the photo she sent me of the session preparing the girls for the kits. There is much excitement as the girls learn about their amazing bodies and how special they are. It opens their eyes and is a wonderful way to help them see menstruation for what it is – rather than shameful and taboo. I am also sending out dresses to Pakistan this week.

It is also interesting to note that keeping girls in school is vital in the girls not getting caught in sex trafficking … uneducated girls are most at risk.

Thank you also to my amazing friends who kindly donated funds for this cause for my birthday!!! We have purchased fabric, ribbon and postage with some of the funds and will continue to use these funds over the months to come 🙂

I am so grateful for your support … this week we are sending 38 dresses to Pakistan and by the end of the month 20 dresses to Fountain of Peace in Uganda! We cannot do it without your support.

With love and a grateful heart