End of September Report

I cannot believe it is a month since I updated but a lot has happened to be proud of!

After receiving the Days for Girls Training and their new kits

Firstly we have sent another 30 Days for Girls Kits to Pakistan so we are up to 106 kits now … and propose to send 30 kits a month. We have had donations for ribbon (thanks Yvette and Bill for your kind donation), and lots of cotton fabric, and I am so grateful that people are kindly donating undies and face washers.

Currently it costs $140 AUD to send each box of 30 kits and this is an on going monthly expense that we will need to do something about shortly. I have something in the pipeline to raise funds and I hope it comes off!! In the meantime – donations are very welcome as it is hard to get the funds together each month and the postage kitty is now very low.

Donations are gratefully received to help us get the Days for Girls kits and clothing out to kids in need – please donate here

The dresses we made and sent to Pakistan

I also have to thank CWA Hospital Support Group for their amazing donation of $200 which helped us send the 30 Days for Girls Kits to Pakistan, 10 dresses and 10 shorts sets for boys to the Christmas shoe box appeal, 20 dresses to Uganda via New Zealand and 10 boys shorts and T shirt sets for Vietnam via New Zealand – that is 80 children helped by your amazing generosity!

Lubna with the 32 dresses we sent

I have had to purchase a lot of flannelette recently – it is something that rarely gets donated – so may I ask you to look in your fabric stash and consider donating it – we just don’t have the shops in Canberra that sell it cheaply enough. Although recently I asked the ladies at the Craft Destash facebook site for help in this regard and was able to purchase flannelette at $4 per metre plus postage. I particularly need prints at the moment and would be really grateful to get some – each kit takes 1 metre of flannelette (that is 30 metres required for each lot of bags we send – it adds up quickly)

Kits being packed at the September sewing day

Lubna continues to work with the girls – and the ladies and mothers to really make the most of the training in the Days for Girls Program. I was asked recently to write an article for the Australian Days For Girls organisation. So I hope to share that with you soon once it is published.

Gideon in Tanzania is working on getting  the Matrons of Amani Kids trained for ‘Days for Girls’ and I also mentioned the small course ‘Men (or boys) who know’…. we are looking at sending kits to Tanzania via a bag carried onto the plane by an Australian volunteer. Postage to Tanzania is very inhibitive and costly – plus items seem to take ages to be released from he customs area. I will let you know how things go.

Lubna prepping the girls for the kits the girls will complete the training once the kits arrive

Our sewing morning in September was wonderful – sadly several of our regulars were not able to make it, we missed them – but we achieved 38 kits and lots of bags and dresses. We love new people to come on board too – and welcome Leonie to our merry group. She did a sterling job of assembling the kits and can sew as well!!

Leonie and Liz putting the kits together

Thank you to Sue and Ron who have taken over a lot of the dress and shorts cutting at the moment – Sue marks out and Ron cuts out! Such a great team – and certainly without my amazing ladies who help me so much we would not be able to do what we do.

New dresses – made possible with donations of fabric and the expertise of our sewing ladies

And thanks to Gill who is always ready to piece bags together, wash and dye (when necessary) fabric – I am so grateful to her – and could not do this without her help and humour. Even when I buy fabric and offer to wash it, Gill says she wants to do it – and I am so grateful!! she doesn’t even get fazed when I mention 20 metres!

Thank you also to all the marvelous donations of fabric, undies and face washers – we really rely on these to keep things moving. Particularly to Tash for facewashers, Gill for more fabric, Chris for lots of PUL and Libby for t shirts, face washers and fabric. This week I received more fabric donations from people who found us on the website.

Beautiful Kim and Linda -at the sewing day

I have lots of dresses to photograph tomorrow and will put lots of photos up on our facebook page – they are truly gorgeous and I love that everyone does a fabulous job sewing them all with love.

Leonie’s hands in action assembling the kits

Lastly – a shout out to our new sewing ladies Katy, Kim, Leonie and Ronnie. Welcome to the wonderful crazy team of people … we know you will enjoy it all!