How would it be??

How would it be if you were a young girl (or boy) and you had to go a long way to get water for washing and the family cooking. That you had to go to the field behind your house to relieve yourself in the fields. That now you are an older daughter your father cannot chaperone you and you are unsafe and could be attacked … or in the case of one of Yousaf’s daughters in Pakistan – you get bitten by a dog, needing treatment they cannot afford, simply because there is no sanitation at their house.

Enter a sweet donation by Bec and her family to bring water and to build a toilet for this family. The water is in – and now the toilet is being built. See the photos below.

We need your help though to Build a Loo

We have now been asked to raise $500US to build another toilet for a little family of three who are having precisely the same issue!! Something we take entirely for granted! Water and a safe and clean place to go to the toilet. It isn’t too much to ask surely?? I have popped a link here for donations where all money received will go to build a toilet for this family. Here is the link …. Build a Loo

Bringing in the bricks


Starting the work


Walls going up


Fetching the bricks


The brick layer



The new pump – water at last close by!! The Girls are relieved

We would be very grateful for any donations to help … please help us Build a Loo for this little family

Firduos is an orphan girl aged 7

Ather is 8 years old

Can you help us raise funds to build a loo for this family??

It is a small thing for us – but means the world to them

With love Carol