Mid winter update

Hi everyone

Just a quick update to say hello and how we are tracking….

Changing our name – with the view to becoming a charity…. It really has been something I have been considering for a while that we now do so much than Sew for a Girl – and I have been scoping for an appropriate name….. We have yet to decide on this as I will need to register – and will consult the brains trust (otherwise known as my awesome ladies/friends) … I will keep you posted as I will need to register the name first and then go through the processes to become a charity. This will allow us to provide tax deductible receipts (it is not automatic and will take time for approval) but we will be working on this over the months ahead.

Days for Girls  … as you know we are now a team – Days for Girls Tuggeranong ACT – I am happy that we have sent 46 kits to Pakistan and there are more to come – how great it is to be working for this amazing project that keeps girls in school every school day of hte month, and it delivers amazing outcomes to the girls, women and the community. Pakistan will continue to grow through the facilitation of the program and we are delighted to provide the support they need through this program.

Donations…. Thank you to all who support us in so many ways – we recently took advantage of the Spotlight clearance and purchased a lot of fabrics for $2, $3, and $4 a metre. After cutting … the dresses averaged out to just $2.80 per dress!!!!! Thank you to Kristy, Karen, Ros, Bec, Gill and Liz for your support in this venture! Currently we have $310 in the kitty – and I have purchased $43 in ribbon and $42 in flannelette which have not been allocated yet against this amount. The next Days for Girls shipment to Pakistan will be taken from this amount which is wonderful……

Fabric Donations …. we have had a lovely lot of fabric donated by so many people this last month – and they are all cut and and ready to be sewn (except the shorts which will hopefully cut very soon). We have had amazing donations of PUL (waterproof lining) and flannel from Chris and Gill, and lots of lovely fabrics from Dorothy and Liz, Bec and Gill. And as always the CWA is amazing in their ongoing support.

Undies donations …. we go through heaps of undies!!!! And thank you to everyone who has helped … I feel a little embarrassed that I cannot list you all – but I know CWA Hospital Support, Bec, Gill, Kristy, Chris were very generous – and every one of those little undies goes either into the pocket of a dress or into a Days for Girls Pack.  If I have not mentioned you here I apologise.

Sewing …. as always thanks to all our amazing sewers who sew in their own time, often using their own fabrics and resources to provide gorgeous dresses made with love! Today I received more dresses and the colours and workmanship was as always outstanding. I love it when I receive these gorgeous dresses as I know how much love goes into them – so special!!!!! These are just a few I received in the last few days from Chris M and Dianne S.

Patterns…. are available in the store (the cost covers the printing and postage only) and now will include the 2 to 6 size cross over dress as I have been asked for this so much recently. If you have purchased the pattern previously – please let me know and I will send this dress pattern to you free of charge. We will be sending 20 to Uganda soon….

Labels … also available in the store 🙂 32 labels to the sheet – both boys and girls available

Special Mention – to Elizabeth C and Chris M for your amazing support and donations …. I am overwhelmed and very grateful to have your support 🙂

I think that is all at the moment

Thank you all for your amazing work – I am so grateful