New Year 100 dresses

Hi everyone
It has been a crazy couple of months and now we have sent over 100 dresses to girls in need around the world – amazing! That is 100 girls who can go to school, 100 girls in dresses who feel valued, 100 girls who can jump and run and play – 100 girls …. amazing.
Your contributions have made it happen – everyone who emptied their pockets, who sewed, who helped on sewing days, who told their friends, who found us donors to assist us and organisations that we could help. You all made it happen.
As we now go into this year we have some big ideas and will hopefully be able to get the help we need to make it happen…. we are expanding …. Tanzania is in our sights now – with 26 dresses needed for the orphans and Street Children in Amani Kids …… this amazing organisation.
From the Amani Kids Website
And that is the start.
We have also taken on to sew for the boys … namely shorts (because otherwise they will miss out)… So they will get a tee shirt, shorts (made by us) and a pair of undies
From the Amani Kids Website
So for Tanzania we need
Plain bright tee shirts – no prints in sizes 4 to 12 (Big W has these for $3.50 each … havent tried other stores)
Plain undies sizes no superheros etc 4 to 12 (Big W has 10 for $10 – haven’t looked elsewhere)
and school supplies (but not books) – pencils, pens, erasers and scissors
If you can’t find time to buy – please donate and I will do the buying …. as always everything (and I mean everything) that you donate goes to the cause!!!!!
For donations to buy Boys T shirts and Undies please go here.
We are also going to produce Days for Girls menstrual kits in Pakistan
Do you know that girls miss two months a year of school because they cannot mange their menstrual cycle adequately – because they don’t have the education and the means to manage their monthly cycle.
In Pakistan the girls are not informed of what is happening to their body. And their mothers and grandmothers were not told either. Lets change that for good. Lets do something about it. Lubna is looking at educating the girls and giving out the packs with new dresses…. how good is this – a new dress and a way to manage their periods so they can stay in school.

from DFG website

Currently I have ordered a lot of the supplies needed to produce these packs and would love some help to defray the costs and also buy more! Donations are welcome here to support this work this is the link here.
For these kits I also need
Flanelette – dark colours and patterned
Cotton quilting fabrics for the bag and the shield
And Lastly – School Fees
I have had a call out from Lubna who supports Yousaf’s family and they need some assistance with School fees – it is just $20 per month for the three children (that is total not each). We have provided a lot of support to this widower and his family.
If you would like to help in this practical way we would be very grateful – you will notice it is a little extra because I have to pay the fees for Western Union to transfer funds.
For school fees assistance go here
 With grateful thanks as always – we can make changes in the world just one child at a time 🙂