News for this week – Thank yous!!

How amazing people are – friends, family, friends of friends and people I have never met! All willing to give a bit more, to make a difference and to trust their own instinct to do something about the world…. to change lives.

Just before Christmas a package arrived from us to Pakistan

So here are some OMG moments this week and some heartfelt thank yous!!

To CWA who found my information on Facebook and who followed my posts….. and forwarded 19 bags to us (which we are using for Tanzania) and to my fabulous friend Sue H, who sewed the other 8 so all the girls receive one!! Sue is even sewing 21 for the boys too so they won’t miss out!!

To Robyn who started the ball rolling with Tanzania and is paying for the postage of dresses to the girls

Credit Amani Kids Foundation – where we are sending our dresses in Tanzania

To Jessica W, who came with countless T shirts, undies and colouring packs for the boys and to Rebecca D who purchased more when our local KMart sold out

To Merrilyn who sent colouring books for the girls – just he right size for their bags

To Gideon and the supervisors in Tanzania who measured each boy in their care so we could send each boy shorts that fit!! That is 21 boys – no mean feat I can assure you

Credit Amani Kids Foundation – we haven’t forgotten the boys!!

To Simon at Global School Partners who distributed our dresses in Kenya and is forwarding more photos soon to add to the others on our site

Safe Haven Orphanage – Kiisi Kenya … these girls in their new dresses

To my many colleagues and friends at Fernwood Tuggeranong, their partners and friends who have donated, collected and given time, funds and items too numerous to list here….. clothes, soaps, undies, fabric!!!!!

To my lovely friend Gill P who has dyed lots of undies to meet the specifications of the Days for Girls colours of undies in the packs (we obviously need deep colours rather than light colours and white).

the Days for Girls packs

To my dear Canberra friends who come up time and again with donations, goods, sewing and ironing skills, and time to do the work – I am overwhelmed by this group of ladies, my fabulous tribe, who support and give through it all…. with a smile even! Love you all beyond measure.

My amazing tribe …

To lovely Susana DD and Michelle L, my friends and primary school teachers, who have got their classes to create cards and write in them so they can bring a smile on the faces of the children in Tanzania and learn about Global Citizenship themselves.

To my awesome friends, all over Australia, who got their children to write cards through the school holidays for kids in need …. how awesome are the cards and the kids – hats off to the mums too for your patience!

A donation – thanks to Melissa

And lastly to my hubby Phil for his patience in the midst of the mess I create at home while doing this work, and his support acknowledging that he is proud of what we are achieving – he is a very patient man – thank goodness.

Never forget that we are able to change the world for good, one child at a time………..

Love you all xxxxx