Papua New Guinea – Dress Delivery

It has been a few months since we sent a load of 21 small dresses size 2 to 6 to PNG…. and it was quiet on that front for some time. When working in remote areas I am finding it can be a challenge as I am not sure what to expect or the difficulties of gettting the dresses through to the kids that need them most.

As you know there is a criteria that I adhere too – so I have a contact and am kept in the loop – but sometimes you just have to trust and let go of expectations and our own time frames … which is difficult but essential for everyone’s sanity including my own.

Despite all of that – the first dresses have arrived at the village – which is very remote and under serviced. There was great excitement because the dresses are new – not second hand children’s clothing and by design and the skill of our amazing sewing crew are extremely well made and durable – because there are no washing machines here – everything is washed on the rocks in the river.

This will be perhaps the only new dress these kids will have – and next time I hope to liaise better with the gentleman who goes each year to deliver goods to these villages and we will look at better meeting their needs.

Thank you to Sue, Rose, Chris and Lesley for these dresses – the girls are really very cute in them.

If you would like our patterns to sew – please go into the shop – the flutter sleeve dress and shorts are in this pattern – and they are the most requested and suit all cultural requirements….. also there are labels in the shop also. If you would like this cross over sleeve pattern included I will print one off for you and include it in your pattern – please let me know when you order. Dress Patterns

Our Wednesday morning sewing day will be on the 21st June 9:30am to 1pm in Canberra with morning tea provided. Our big sewing day will be 28th August which is a Sunday 10 to 4pm also in Canberra. Don’t be shy, everyone is welcome…. we have lots to sew and to assemble – we need lots of hands.

With love