Quick Update

The call went out last night through a facebook page (IndigenousX) from the Kalumburu Mission to assist with clothing and sheets etc as many of the children did not have any more than one change of clothing and the adults were also in great need…..

Here is some of that post

Required for the Kalumburu Mission
-Size 0 to 1 babies (as new born babies basically don’t have anything to wear)
-Underwear of all types
-Summer kids clothes in all sizes as many only have one change of clothes
-Large cotton dresses, tops and skirts for older ladies (big sizes only)
-Mens shirts, T-shirts and cargo shorts in large or XL
-Towels, single linen sheets & pillowcases
-Thongs all sizes (not for toddlers)

Only these items have been requested at this stage. We will post updates later tonight, if there are any changes.
Clinic Att: Sherrie Vickery
Postal Address: PMB 12, Via Wyndham, Kalumburu WA 6740

As we have a number of gorgeous dresses from ages 2 to 6 ….. I wrote and said we would happily donate 20 to the mission. They were posted  today, at a cost of $45 and I thank Elizabeth C and her husband for their kind donation to get them there.

I do hope that we are able to continue the support for this very remote mission and send further items as required. I definitely will be contacting them to see if we can assist. It is a passion of mine to help girls around the world, including within Australia, but I have not found a way until last night.

We sew for boys too – or at least will will in the next couple of months

Donations for Items for Boys in Tanzania: probably late March
Currently we need need of bright t shirts (non printed or graphic) sizes 6 to 10
Bright undies – not superheros though sizes 6 to 10

Days for Girls packs – change the world for girls

Donations for Days for girls (menstrual packs) 
Hotel size soaps
Facewashers (not very thick ones – cheapies are best)
Bright colourful cotton fabrics
For more information please go here

Mothers often don’t receive anything … they give all the time – let’s change the world for them and show them how appreciated they are

Donations for Mothers Days gifts for Pakistan Mothers and Grandmothers
Written cards to wish them a happy Mothers Day
Small gifts such as toiletries … hotel size are great
Pretty items … beads and hair clips

Our flutter sleeve dresses are beautiful, well made, easy to sew and fit everyone! They are modest and even look great with a long sleeved t shirt underneath… plus they are so sturdy they can be washed in rivers on rocks which is very important in some countries

We are in need of your talents – if you sew – we can certainly fill a few hours – please contact me – carol@sewforagirlcanberra.com
 For more info please go here

Donations of funds bought fabrics for sewing dresses – thank you to our generous supporters

We will always use your funds to meet the need…. never will I use funds for any other purposes such as admin – all donations go to the people we assist – postage, materials, school supplies … to name a few….
Please note that we are not a charity. However all donated funds are accounted for and spent to go to the need at the time.
For more information please go here
Thank you for your ongoing support
With love