Smiles all round

Well I am delighted to let you know our package to Tanzania has been received – despite 9 weeks, 6 weeks being in Customs, money exchange for paying the customs ticket and Amani losing the internet for the past three days we are there!!!! It has taught me patience and that everythign happens eventually! How interesting working with other countries this process is – but at least we know now and we are shipping again next week to Tanzania for the boys – at least we know what to expect!

We began with donations for material – both material donated and funds to buy from the Lincraft sale – you might remember this photo

Thanks to Karen, Jody, Gill, Kristy and Merrilyn for this fabric stash!

Then we got sewing 🙂 all the lovely ladies at my place … busily sewing dresses …. it was a hot day in January but heaps of fun too

Once they were ready we shipped the parcel off and it arrived intact thankfully to Tanzania where it took a vacation of 6 weeks in Customs. Finally released …. Money paid for the release ticket and then it arrived into Amani Orphanage Tanzania

The package is opened and everything is there

Sweet Happy with her bag which has a dress, necklace, undies, cards and letters from kids in Australia

and a colouring book – from Merrilyn

Bright colourful and well made dresses are so much appreciated

Opening their bags – made by CWA and Sue Colouring pencils were included too – for the colouring books Excitement in opening the packagesReading the cards from kids in Australia

Dress fabric donated by Karen and family… doesn’t she look gorgeous

Happy with her dress … that smile says it all really

So happy!! Feeling pretty and valued

Thanks to Merrilyn, Becc and Kristy for these fabrics!!

More beautiful dresses and one cute baby – she is 18 months old but didn’t miss out

The littlest girls received a purse, play jewellery and some goodies in the bags

The teenage girls are just gorgeous aren’t they – relaxed and happy

Thanks to Merrilyn and Libby for these fabrics

Each girl received a pendant and a pair of undies, a colouring book and cards from school Kids

So I will leave you with the excited girls and Gideon who helped make it all happen

Thank you to everyone for your amazing support:

  • To the people who donated funds and fabric
  • To the sewers
  • To our families
  • To our contacts and friends

We made a difference together

One girl at a time – simple really – but wow!