So much love in sewing

I am always so happy when people want to get together and create something beautiful … a painting, a garden, a centrepiece …. a dress. Well today we created 18 something beautifuls – 18 dresses for 18 little girls in Tanzania.  For little girls who have so little, who have never had a new dress, a new dress to show we care so much! All the way from Canberra.

Without the kind support of our friends who gave us funds to purchase the fabric to make the dresses, we would not have so many to show you! So thank you to our friends:  Merrilyn J in fond memory of Debi C, Libby G, Karen W, Jody U, Kristy H, Gill P and Jessica W. We are so grateful to sew this amazing quality fabric which is beautiful, comfortable and durable.

Here are a few photos to show you our day – I will take more photos in a better light but tonight I am tired and the hour is late.

Gill our intrepid ironer (we sure kept her busy) Carol and Bec – morning tea in the background


Sarah, Tricia, Carol and Kate …. working hard but having fun too


Sarah working on a gorgeous willow print dress – very much a favourite pattern with the ladies


Lovelies Kristy and Gill … helped with our massive ironing requests and tea and coffee


Julia – loving int he cute blue whale and bird print! this dress is so cute (and so is Julia)


Sue is amazing – she has produced over 60 dresses now and loves the whole process. Sue cuts the smaller dresses and loves making those too!! Like me – Sue has not sewn so much in years!! We are both loving it!


this is my lovely friend Liz – sewing even with tooth pain. Liz actually started me on this journey when she donated lots of amazing fabric I could not use for my business. But thankfully she is also happy to be involved – which I am really grateful for.


Carols first dress – she looks so proud and she should be – it is a beautiful dress and so well made. Carol comes from the USA and will see what is available to her area when she gets back – she is excited to sew for little girls 🙂


These two darling girls sewed, ironed and wrote messages in cards. They did so well. Thanks you girls.


Some of the dresses finished – I will take another photo tomorrow – with the sponsors names (there are more now 🙂 but how cute are they??

Thank you all for your support and generosity – I could not do this without your help – I appreciate everything you do…. and to my lovely friends who willingly gave up their Sunday to sew with us – I am forever grateful. Thank you 🙂

Love … and more pics tomorrow