Cards, Fabric and School Fees – so Blessed

I am always grateful when I do a call out and I receive donations – so grateful. There is no way I could possibly do this without help, and your donations of items and funds allow us to make a real difference to children and their families.

Cards for Kids in Need

Today I give a shout out to everyone who has got behind the card making for kids in need. Please look at here (it’s new today) to take part. What better way than to teach our kids about the world and be responsible adults for the future than to teach them that we need to be world citizens and help and support others. A great way to do this of course is by writing a card (or 2 or 6) and sending love to another part of the world. These cards will go out with all the clothing we send – and it is so special for kids who have so little.

So with that in mind I would like to thank Jay O for her amazing card contribution yesterday!! Thank you so much!! And also the fabulous teachers I know Michelle L, Libby G and Susanna DD who are taking this activity to their class rooms…. So if you are a teacher – please look here on how you can help. I know there are lots of families who are taking the opportunity to make cards – please get them to me by the end of January!! If you want more information on Cards for Kids in Need go here

Donations for Dresses and Days for Girls Kits

Thank you too for the donations of items over the past week – Melissa L – who sent a box of supplies for the Days for Girls Kits – material, undies and ribbon… the photo below shows how amazing it is.

Thank you Melissa – we will definitely put these to good use!

Thanks to Kristy H and Gill P, two of the Canberra Sewing Ladies who donated undies, fabric, and t shirts, soaps. To donate items my address is now included if you would like to post anything! This website is always evolving especially when I realise that I have left off something very basic such as an address. To donate items please go here.

Great News – Yousafs kids are back at school!!

And lastly I am very happy to say that Yousaf’s kids are able to stay in their school due to the kind generosity of Bec D who is supporting their school fees. These lovely kids lost their mother to TB and their father is struggling finding the necessities, the kids were going to have to change schools (to a cheaper school – no free education in Pakistan) and that would have been sad – or the girls may have to have started work at 10 and 12 years of age. Through Becs assistance they now can get an education and break the cycle of poverty. Thank you Bec.

We paid the arrears in school fees and bought shoes so they would be accepted back into school

The faces say it all really – these clever kids are going back to school and will be supported now because of Becs generous support

Meet little Carol

I thought I would share this – because it is so sweet – and it have never happened to me before – Lubna was asked if she would suggest a name for a baby girl – and she suggested Carol after me! I think she is pretty cute ….. I wish you all health and happiness little Carol – may your future be bright!

Isn’t she lovely!

Sewing Day is in a few weeks!!

Don’t forget we are sewing for Tanzania on the 29th January – if you want to sew with us in Canberra – please contact me carol@sewforagirlcanberra …. we have 26 dresses to make and lots of giggles to be had! If you would like to sew please look here for information.

from the Imani Kids website

I think that is it …. please keep those donations coming in for Days for Girls kits and the Dresses. We appreciate you so much

Thank you