Update this week – how far we have come!!

As we head into the Easter break and school holidays it is great to reflect how far we have come!! From a box of material that was gifted to me and a search on the net to find something that could be done to where we are today… Life is strange but wonderful!

We continue to grow with sewers asking to sew for us, people donating not only fabric, but time, funds, goods, and expertise. Friends and friends of friends becoming involved in big and little ways – all so important and all so special. Without everyone this would not work!!

We have send 176 dresses throughout the world, and what an amazing achievement so far! So much achieved and so much to come.

At this time we are still waiting for news from Tanzania – and waiting for the package to be delivered…. please send positive thoughts as we can not track the package and I am hoping it is safe and on its way still. If love and intention could deliver it – it would have wings!!

I have been in contact with Lucette at the Quam Am Foundation who is interested in Days for Girls too – but that is for another time!

Just when I think some avenue has finished another appears; when I find I have an empty kitty for postage, people donate; when the dresses are low new sewers come on board; when the material stash is low…. donations from unexpected sources arrive ….. we are truly fortunate and blessed.

We have offered assistance to Nepal and they are interested in taking dresses to children, mainly girls who have sadly been involved in sex trafficking and are now safe. It is a small thing to have a new dress – but it makes such a difference.

We have continued to ensure that our scope remains focused but flexible. We have started to make shorts for boys and this is a wonderful addition to our dresses (which will always be our focus).

I am humbled and grateful that one small box of fabric is still the start of something amazing … and  to you all – we change the world a little at a time – a little care, a little step, a little love and a little hope. A bit like a constant drop of water on a rock.

So thank you all