Update this week

I started this post last night and did not save it so here i am writing again – frustrating!! But I have a lot of lovely news so I am writing today 🙂


Well our package has been released from customs in Tanzania and we have news that it is on its was to Arusha and will be there soon. I have paid the customs fee of $26 dollars (so small really) and I, like you cannot wait to see the girls faces as they open the bags and find their new dresses.

Thank you to all who have made this possible, and to Gideon who has coordinated all of the messages backwards from Amani in Tanzania – we have both been somewhat frustrated with the time that the package has taken to clear customs – but at least we know it is safely on its way!!

We are now putting together the boys package, ETA 10 days or so and at the moment I am looking for some things to make them smile…. so please look out for the following:

  • Board games such as scrabble, upwords, connect four or similar – it must be appropriate to Tanzania – so obviously not monopoly etc – can be used but in great condition
  • Light weigh puzzles
  • Decks of cards
  • Card games such as UNO, Snap etc
  • Balls and soccer balls – Thanks Tash for donating these!!

Northern Territory Community

We have been sewing and have 24 dresses to send to the community 5.5 hours away from Darwin – I am just waiting on shorts from my lovely sewers and we will be sending them – how wonderful… I am looking at another two weeks or so.

Music 4 Kids Nepal

Thanks to Gayle for the contact we are sending 18 dresses to Nepal and I have the dresses almost done – the lovely Sue is sewing the size 8’s and we will be good to go once we finish the size 14s which should be next week.


The Days for Girls sewing bee will be held on Sunday 28th May and we will be all set to do the shields and bags that day. Thanks to everyone for your donations, particularly Sonja and my Fernwood crew for the soaps, Tash for the face washers, Phillipa for the plastic bags, and Gill and Jenny for the washing and ironing of countless pieces of fabric. Gill has also donated the funds for the snap setter – I am so grateful as I was unsure where I would find the money for this essential piece of equipment.

Liz, Jenny, Gill and I will do the shields prior and cut out the bags at a sewing day a few weeks before hand.

Once Lubna completes the online training we will be able to start sending kits over to Pakistan. How exciting!!


Thanks everyone for your donations …. I have received more fabric for dresses and Sue is cutting size 8s which we are low on at the moment.

We always need cotton fabric and new undies – so please keep an eye our for these.


Thank you everyone for your assistance – we have more sewers to our group now and thank you for your time and your beautiful work – you are amazing all of you.

I will post up photos once I get them from Tanzania – until then, have a wonderful Mothers day and a fabulous weekend