April Update

I am always amazed at where the time goes and how crazy this life can be – but how wonderful too!! We have received so much in the past month – funds for postage, loads of fabric, countless undies and face-washers. We are so grateful – without your support we could not do what we do!!

Big news is that soon I will have an account for you to donate into and get a tax deductible receipt – I will have this available prior to the end of June!! Plus anything you buy for Days for Girls Kits – I can claim the GST you pay – so please give them to me or scan them and email to me so I can claim these funds back – carol@sewforagirlcanberra.com

Helping in small ways – here we work in small ways to make a big impact but what can you do?? There is actually a lot that helps us!!!

  • Collect small guest soaps from hotels on your travels – we use them for the Days for Girls kits
  • If you have a fabric stash you will never use but cannot bear to throw away – we are here to help especially if it is cotton! But if it is not, we certainly know lots of charitable sewing groups that love it and we will take it and pass it on
  • We love flannelette!!! just no animals, camo, guns, or skulls – the brighter the better – but Gill dyes the too light stuff – if it is on special – we love it when it is donated to us!!!! Each kit takes a massive 1 metre of flannelette!! 100 kits – 100 metres! or donate a little money and we will buy it
  • Undies – all kids sizes, boys and girls and cotton or cotton blend
  • Face washers – the cheapies are great – not too thick and better to pack and post
  • Ribbon – 15mm grossgrain for the ties …. here is a link we go through so much – 2.5 metres for each bag
  • Your sewing skills even if you live far away – we have sewers all over Australia – we have patterns and we have kits.
  • Your group – if you are in Canberra or surrounds I am happy to chat with your group and do a talk – it is interesting and people love to hear about it
  • Your contacts – if you know of a charity which might like to work with us – we would love that!
  • A little money – you can donate here and we will use it to purchase fabric or postage our biggest expenses đŸ™‚ donate here

changing lives of girls and women

Stay tuned for a fundraiser or two soon – I will be setting up a facebook page for you to buy lovely hand made gifts – more about that later.

Lubna demonstrating washing hands and why it is so important

Talking about the liners

happy smiles distributing kits


We were delighted to send 60 kits off to Pakistan at the request of Lubna and she has given out half of these so far. The photos below tell the story of the first 30 and we wait for the second lot to be given out.

Changing this girls life

not needing to worry about managing days helps Mums too

We have had issues with the postage system in Pakistan where we have been charged a lot of money to release the boxes – usually it is $10 which Lubna pays – but this time it was close to $100USD. This has caused us issues so we have decided to call their bluff for this time because we pay enough for the boxes to be delivered. We are hoping that they will be released – I will keep you informed.

changes for these women and girls

We also sent over 22 dresses and 30 kits to Nepal through project Didi. It seems that a few kits were taken with a discussion happening about whether the rest will go later in the year for delivery or whether we will send them elsewhere (as they have small undies I am thinking Vietnam through the Quan Am Foundations. I hope to have photos soon.

finished kits

I am delighted to let you know that in the next week or so I will have the box finalised for Tanzania – thank you to the kind donations of Queanbeyan Rotary, Gungahlin Lions Club and the ladies of Weston Creek Uniting church for helping with financial donations along with three lovely friends – these will help us get this box over by freight – and it will take about 10 days!! we have the clothes already to go – I just need to put it all together!!

The gorgeous Amani girls from last year

Plus I am delighted to let you know that the women of Armani – the cooks, gardeners and matrons also will receive kits – as well as the girls!! the flip chart arrived today.

Amani boys – it was a day for looking cool in their new threads!!

I am so happy to let you know that Lucette Dillon the Director of Quan Am an amazing childrens charity working in Vietnam is doing her DFG training and we will be sending over kits for her to distribute and she is keen to train her teachers and get the kits out in her region.

In our sewing day for Kenya we packed all the 110 kits for Kenya to go with the Global School Partners in July – Plus we packed all the kits for Tanzania too. What a day that was!! Thank you to Simon Carrol of Global School Partners for your amazing work in Kenya and visiting us at our sewing day and talking with our ladies. We welcomed wonderful new sewers to our group too and we are now sending out group emails to keep everyone informed!!

Sue and Hilary placing the liners into the shields and putting them into the Kenya travel bags (which quietly were rather challenging to sew!!)

Pam and Verity with more liners – and putting them into groups of 8 – all different colourful patterns

Mav, Ann and Tanya finishing the kits with two pair of undies and a face washer all placed into the bright carry bags. in all 145 kits packed – 110 for Kenya and 35 for Tanzania

Finally thank everyone for the amazing dresses I received this month – they come every week and there are so many gorgeous ones. I have been crazily busy and have not taken enough photos – but will try to do that over the next week or so! I thank all my sewing ladies from near and far who sew these gorgeous dresses, shorts and kits. We are very blessed.

Thank you for everything you do.