First Distribution for 2018!

Well how amazing to see the faces of our very first recipients of our first 2018 distribution.

It is winter in Pakistan – the nights cold and clear – but that did not stop our wonderful Lubna Ghani in doing an information session for the 24 girls and ladies and distributing the kits. The cost of dealing with periods in Pakistan is very large – the materials expensive and there are no rubbish collection facilities – many don’t even have toilets or a hand pump in their houses.

Lubna explaining that every girl menstruates for approximately 3000 days in their lifetime

Washing hands saves lives and is a basic skill that is important to community health

Explaining the soap in the kit

Showing how the kit works

Giving each girl and lady a new Days for Girls Kit!

Speaking with the mothers and grandmothers

the grandmother on the left is the oldest lady in her village at 72. She collected a kit for her grand daughter and will explain it to her

Each distribution includes a session where the recipients learn how the body works and how to use the kit and then how to care for the kit – to make sure it lasts 3 to 4 years!! Lubna has now distributed over 100 kits to women in Pakistan.

And what is so exciting is that we are breaking new ground. In Pakistan periods are not talked about… they are endured. Mothers don’t tell their girls.  Teachers don’t tell their students. Couples do not speak of periods. We are breaking down those barriers and I hope that one day Girls will be able to talk openly to their families, Mothers to their children, Women to their husbands…… yes we are breaking new ground!

Lubna says ……Males of the society understood my presence with females of this community. But they are not open due to social hindrances. They showed great care and love and appreciated for such wonderful efforts towards women and girls.

Excitingly we have been offered a place in the International Days for Girls and while I don’t know what that means as yet – it seems very encouraging!

We are having a drive to collect funds to distribute kits to Pakistan over this year – we need to raise $1680 to send 360 kits to Pakistan … that is 360 girls in school for the next 4 years – that is pretty incredible. I am trilled to let you know that we have raised $490 so far!! Please be a part of this to help get kits to these girls you can donate here

We are looking towards an amazing year – thank you for all of your support

With love