March Update

Hi everyone – especially our amazing supporters and generous friends – what a month it has been.

We are doing a call out for Kenya at the moment and I am always delighted with the response when I put it out there about what we need! I was looking for girls undies – 200 of them and 100 face washers and the generosity has been incredible!! People have posted them, dropped them off, given them to friends and even started collections like at Fernwood Tuggeranong ACT. It is amazing when women get together for a cause and they want to help in real and practical ways.

Days for Girls Kits change lives and outcomes

In April we will be putting these kits together. Then training up an ambassador and dropping of 100 Days for Girls Kits which will change the lives of girls in Kenya. It is a drop in the ocean and I fully expect that we will be doing this every year for the foreseeable future…. the need is so great. Keeping girls in school is so important – without an education they cannot be released from poverty, they marry young and have many children (one of the reasons why the orphanage industry flourishes in Africa – the kids are often not orphans – the families simply haven’t got the funds to go around to lots of kids).

Love this pic …. relaxed teens

Sometimes people ask why I do this – and my answer is how can I not do something that changes girls lives – it ticks the boxes for me – it is a sustainable and practical answer for periods, it costs us little and is offered free, it comes with training and education and it helps to alleviate poverty. It breaks taboos and on a very real level the girls are able to make different choices for their lives – they can get an education, build and career and work in a stable job. They also will continue to affect generations to come by seeing education as a way forward and out of poverty. We know if you education women to change communities. It simply starts with us and people like us from all over the world.

Kenya – we are coming with 100 kits

Pakistan has distributed 30 more kits and now for march we will be sending 60 kits for a large village. I try to include pencils, rubbers and sharpeners for the kids and whatever I have been donated – toothbrushes and toothpaste is also so appreciated. The kids are really delighted when they receive their own pencils for school. Thank you for all your donations.

Lubna distributing in Pakistan

For the next distribution I have been given a lot of women’s underwear which I have included in the box – this is to assist Lubna to swap out the girls undies for more women size undies for the mothers and the women. So if you see them on special – we do use them – just send them over.

We give kits to women and mothers too

With Pakistan we sent over 24 dresses and 21 shorts sets for boys – these were greatly received and the kids look great in their new clothes. I thank you all for the fabric, sewing and donations of funds to get them there.

the boys in their new clothes with a card from Dapto Scout Group

I also am so grateful for the Dapto Scout Group for their work in producing beautiful cards which are so precious to the kids – they loved them – well done!!

New clothes, cards and pencils

We will have a delivery of clothes to go to Tanzania in May/June which will cost a large amount to ship. I will pop up a MyCause crowd funding I think to help with this as we are probably looking at around $300.

Our last delivery of dresses to Amani Kids Home in Tanzania

And breaking news is that we are discussing the opportunity for Vietnam having Days for Girls and a Micro Enterprise there….. more later as things get moving.

Lastly here is Ron with the overlocker – it is now serviced and ready to go again.


Thank you all for your support – in everything you do for us!!