End of Financial Year Update

Good afternoon all – it is the end of June and I cannot believe this crazy year. As I write this 10 million people have tested positive around the world to COVID-19 and 500,000 people have died. This is a huge number, but even more so for our friends in developing countries and communities, where they cannot get the medical care or social service payments we are able to access in Australia. At this time please think of them, it is hard enough for us, but if you are poor with reduced health outcomes it is catastrophic.

I made the decision not to try to hold a sewing/packing day in June to protect everyone as things were only starting to open up again, and we must tread slowly through this time. But it hasn’t stopped the sewing and assembling – not by any means. People are picking up dress and shorts packs, days for girls sewing and looking at ways to keep things moving through this time.


That being said, this is also a time when people have told me they just haven’t been able to sew, it has been a very un-motivating time. So please take care of yourself – and just do what you need to do – we must look after our health and well-being, including our mental health. Sometimes we just need to be kind to ourselves – as a wise man said ‘It too will pass.’

We are at present planning the next sewing/packing day on the 26th July – 10am to 2pm all being well. Of course I will ensure that we are not placed at risk as your health is the most important to me at this time and we will rise to continue no matter what.

Drop off and pick up is busily humming away in both Pearce and Gordon – please feel free to take advantage of this whenever it suits you. There are all packs available at both locations.

You will probably notice that I have not done an end of year EOFY call out for donations. This was entirely intentional as I believe there is so much need in the world at the moment that it just felt inappropriate. We have enough finances currently to send 80 kilos in October to Pakistan and then we will see how everything goes. The sales of our market totes is a big contributor to our financial viability – but alas there have been no markets to sell these into lately – but I do have a number booked for the end of the year so hopefully we will sell lots! I am also going to ask a few businesses to stock them when I have a minute….

A couple of weeks ago I was given a donation from Mark and his sister from the sewing supplies that their Mum had left when she passed away. In the middle of their grief, these amazing people reached out and filled my car – which is extremely hard to do – to the roof with fabric. We donated it around charities in Canberra and the donation will help so many people it is incredible …. I am so grateful – that their gift will change so many lives in Canberra and beyond – their mother would be so proud.

This is what I messaged to Mark

Hi Mark Thank you for your delivery today I have sorted out the fabric that was your Mum’s and this is how it is being used. All polyester print fabric will be made into clothing by Pakistani women to send to women and girls in need in Pakistan. Zips-will be used for fiddle muffs for people with dementia Lining and stabilising fabrics for patchwork quilts for the elderly. Cotton fabric will be used for days for Girls and clothing for kids sent all over the world. Elastic … will be used for girls dresses and boys shorts. Interlock, ribbing and collars will be made into shorts, dresses, underwear and t shirts for children in the Congo. Fleecy fabric for the people at end of life in Canberra hospitals and hospices. Please let your sister know too your Mum’s gift has changed so many lives and will for the future We so appreciate the donation With regards Carol

Today I packed 8 boxes for the Solomon Islands – there is a domestic crisis service there and the women and children often leave their homes with nothing. So we are donating 3 boxes of bras, women’s underwear and camisoles plus 100 sets of clothing for kids. While we will not see their smiling faces in photos – it does my heart good to know that these women and children feel the love from Australia and hope that they will start again, stronger than before.


I also just want to say in closing how much I appreciate everything you do, no matter what we are still reaching women and kids who desperately need the items we make and together we make a difference. I have always thought our work was special – reaching so many people, because it isn’t only about the clothes or the kits, it is all about the kind hearts that sew, put things together, make components and help in a myriad of ways. I appreciate you all.

With much love Carol