April Update

Hi everyone – this will be a fairly quick update tonight but things are going really well at Sew for A Girl Canberra.

Congratulations to Lubna and Anosh on the birth of their much awaited son Joshua who was born early but is in fine health

Undies needed!!!! We packed 252 kits for Zimbabwe and now are out of undies – we are totally desperate! Please pick up a pack or two whenever you can – they are really important for our work and we can’t do without them. Multi packs are awesome – must be cotton and new. We can dye the too light ones ….. Girls sizes 10 to 12 and 12 to 14

undies needed – 2 per pack and we are now out!!

We are thrilled to have a great contact with Ednah in Vanuatu and have sent lots of clothing and days for girls packs recently to this gorgeous group of islands of Vanuatu. We have also collected prescription glasses and are collecting these continually as we go. I intend to go to Vanuatu in July with my husband and we will be taking luggage with us with clothes, dfg kits, glasses and maternity bras.

Tanya meets Ednah!! Love how things work out….

We sent off a massive 110kilos of days for girls kits, toothbrushes and paste, school supplies, bras and days for girls kits off to Pakistan for Lubna to distribute! It took a village for sure and we have had so much support – including from Utah who sponsored the postage of 100 kits to get there. This will travel by sea for about 2 months and then go straight to Lubna. I have asked Ahmed to let me know when another goes as it was 1/3 of the normal cost.

Exciting news …. we are off to Zimbabwe!! Well at least our kits and clothing is! We will be sending this via a lady who has worked at the Zimbabwe embassy and is taking a container over full … we are more than happy to be a part of this amazing journey! I will finalise this on Tuesday – Victoria has already done her training! so we are set!

No photo yet …..so this Rudia from Kenya who received a dress and a days for girls kit in January

And of course Tanzania is awaiting a delivery for clothing – thanks to the Uniting Church Weston and the sewing ladies we have managed to get the funds together to send this by sea. Sadly we can no longer afford to send this my airmail due to the issues with customs. Sea will be so much cheaper.

The cool boys at Armani Kids in Tanzania
Two of the girls at Armani – so precious in their new dresses!!

I will be back with more news soon

Until May – thank you for all your support …. and remember … undies 🙂

Love Carol