Days for Girls

The Days for Girls program is amazing and well known throughout the world.  Girls lose one week a month from their schooling due to their menstrual cycle, which is 2 months a year! Days for Girls volunteers make packs which keep the girls in school, which is essential to their future.

It is exciting that we are now in production and it is such an exciting thing to be a part of. Carol is now an Ambassador and together with Lubna in Pakistan and Gideon in Tanzania we are going to start to see an amazing change to these places through this program.

Days for Girls research states that if we keep girls in school (by managing their periods) they are less likely to marry young, have babies young and are most likely to build a career or work to break the poverty cycle and positively influence and affect the community. It is no small thing!!

so happy – love this pic – from Days for Girls website

The amazing work of the Days For Girls Program can be found in this link

We are working with Days for Girls in Canberra who will help us by providing some kits and we will make the kits also to distribute to Pakistan through Lubna. We are so excited because this will change the way the girls feel about their cycle and also keep them in school. Eventually it will grow and influence change!

The Days for Girls Kit

We are in need of donations of:

  • Soaps – motel size
  • Girls undies – dark colours please – 10 to 12, and 12 to 14
  • Bright coloured cotton fabrics for the bags and the shields
  • Dark and bright coloured new flanelette – not sheets

Please send to Carol Mead – Days for Girls Sewing, 44 Charlton Cres, GORDON ACT 2906

How you can be involved:

  • Sewing shields, liners or bags
  • Collecting soaps from motel rooms (or asking people to do this)
  • Donating funds for postage
  • Donating the items above
  • Spreading the word!!

Come to our sewing days – we hold them regularly

If you aren’t from Canberra – get involved in a group near you – meet new people and get involved.