And so it begins in Pakistan!!

How amazing it is to make a difference to girls so they can attend school (every school day of the month) and they can get an education, they can build a career and make choices in their lives. Did you know that 130,000,000 kids don’t attend school and 70% of those are girls and most girls give up school when they get their periods because it is just to hard to cope missing school days and falling behind because of their periods??

One simple pack changes all of that ! One pack that costs just a few dollars to make (we donate them) and a bit of time. One pack that lasts for 3 years.

So when I asked Lubna how the girls manage their periods in Pakistan we had a very interesting conversation. Girls are not told about their periods, they just happen and then they have to deal with it an way they can …. in many countries that means sitting inside the house like you are sick waiting for it to pass. Using whatever is available to soak up the blood, old cardboard, mattress stuffing, leaves, paper, rags ….. even ash and rocks – infections occur and in particular chlamydia and urinary tract infections.

So Lubna and I have been planning this for months – we both did online training, which is not easy where you have the training in a different language and you have the computer for just one hour a day from a friend. Lubna was unable to download the videos too which made it harder still – but she did it!! and now we have a qualified trainer in Pakistan and we are so delighted that the first kits have arrived along with 12 dresses.

Lubna and the Days for Girls Flip Chart for Training – thank to Philippa Leask for giving us this vital resource

And so we begin. Reaching out to girls in Pakistan. Helping girls stay in school, getting an education and changing the projectory of their future …. breaking the poverty cycle.

The Days for Girls Kits

Lubna with the package contents – lots of dresses and Days for Girls Packs and some gifts too


We have officially got our Days for Girls team going we are Tuggeranong ACT Australia and I am delighted to let you know that we can receive tax deductible donations through Rotary – please write Tuggeranong ACT Australia in the area which is labled ‘Results’ this will ensure we can withdraw the funds … the Rotary online form is here


A quick few things – we are desperate for cards for the kids – our stock is down to about 6 – and I put two in each dress or shorts pack – HELP!!!!! There is info in the side bar of how this works

A shout out to the CWAs who are steadily coming on board and doing such a great job – Moss Vale, Hospital Support Group, Tillgerry, Gungahlin, Bathurst Evening Group and I have had contact from Canberra and Bungendore as well.

I have talks planned at various events which is awesome and I really love showing people what we do!! And how important it is.

We have a contact in Tanzania who runs a school there – I am looking forward to meeting Garratt in July.

Michelle and I will be chatting and developing a plan over the next months as we roll out some events and our plans to get things happening

I will keep you updated with more news as it comes to hand – but it is very exciting


Grateful beyond measure to start to see the photos back from Uganda … this sweet orphanage rescues tiny babies in desperate circumstances, through the courts mainly, and takes such beautiful care of them. Fountain of Peace Children’s Foundation NZ is the wonderful name of the organisation… and their work is beautiful.

Every child is so precious it is a privilege to assist however we can

There are more to come but here are the very first two …. so sweet

It reminds me of the saying that …… our legacy is what we give to those who can never repay ….

Bless you


Papua New Guinea – Dress Delivery

It has been a few months since we sent a load of 21 small dresses size 2 to 6 to PNG…. and it was quiet on that front for some time. When working in remote areas I am finding it can be a challenge as I am not sure what to expect or the difficulties of gettting the dresses through to the kids that need them most.

As you know there is a criteria that I adhere too – so I have a contact and am kept in the loop – but sometimes you just have to trust and let go of expectations and our own time frames … which is difficult but essential for everyone’s sanity including my own.

Despite all of that – the first dresses have arrived at the village – which is very remote and under serviced. There was great excitement because the dresses are new – not second hand children’s clothing and by design and the skill of our amazing sewing crew are extremely well made and durable – because there are no washing machines here – everything is washed on the rocks in the river.

This will be perhaps the only new dress these kids will have – and next time I hope to liaise better with the gentleman who goes each year to deliver goods to these villages and we will look at better meeting their needs.

Thank you to Sue, Rose, Chris and Lesley for these dresses – the girls are really very cute in them.

If you would like our patterns to sew – please go into the shop – the flutter sleeve dress and shorts are in this pattern – and they are the most requested and suit all cultural requirements….. also there are labels in the shop also. If you would like this cross over sleeve pattern included I will print one off for you and include it in your pattern – please let me know when you order. Dress Patterns

Our Wednesday morning sewing day will be on the 21st June 9:30am to 1pm in Canberra with morning tea provided. Our big sewing day will be 28th August which is a Sunday 10 to 4pm also in Canberra. Don’t be shy, everyone is welcome…. we have lots to sew and to assemble – we need lots of hands.

With love


18 dresses received by Nepal !!

It is truly such a privilege to be part of this amazing project….. Sew for a Girl Canberra. It is amazing to be part of the bigger picture, of helping kids that we most probably will never meet …. of changing a life one at a time – of bringing a smile to a child and makign their day!

So we are grateful to have contact with Oz Bayldon – Music4kids and the work he does through a childrens home in Nepal.

Here are the amazing photos

Thanks to the CWA Moss Vale for the bags and pencils

The girls in their new dresses – they are very happy with them and were really excited

they look so lovely

Thank you to everyone for making this happen – the donations of fabrics, the bags, and the donations for postage…. 18 very happy little girls!!

With regards


Amani Kids – Tanzania

The boys in their new clothes!!It is so amazing that our package sent 10days go arrived at Tanzania to the kids at Amani!! Thank you so much to the generous man who donated the considerable freight for this package – because it got there in record time and the kids did not have to wait 9 weeks for it to arrrive!!!!

I love this photo – 23 kilos on the back of a motorbike – delivering our box to the kids

The story really begins last year when Robyn talked with the amazing Sue to let her know about this Children’s Home in Tanzania. You might remember that we had a sewing day with donated fabric for the girls… and that package finally arrived after 9 long (and stressful) weeks.

After speaking with Gideon, we decided to sew for the boys – something we have never done before! And the sewing ladies learnt a new pattern and we were off….. thank you so much to everyone who sewed for this amazing delivery – it is so wonderful.

Gideon who manages Amani Kids in Tanzania

Donations of boys T shirts and undies came in from all over – but particularly from Karen, Libby, Sue, Ron, Gill and Kristy. Then Jessica found these amazing colouring packs in KMart for under $4 each and bought out both Tuggeranong and Belconnen…. I gained a few non-specific donations and bought some UNO games ($2.50 each at the local cheap shop!!), Connect 4 and another younger kids game.

The colouring packs are a hit!!

We also included tennis and soccer balls donated by Tash, colouring books and some story books about Australia. Thanks also to Courtney who bought the littlest girls the felt bags and Gill for the older girls colouring books.

CWA makes great bags we used for the girls but had run out – so Sue (bless her!!) made all of these for the boys, from donated fabric we couldn’t use for clothes…… we thought how great they would be for he boys as the girls are using theirs a lot to keep their belongings and treasures in – the boys could use them too!!

The bags are very loved and appreciated

Michelle asked her class to make cards for the kids – and the kids love them!! Each kid got two cards each, and a woolies around the world card too. Never underestimate this important step…. it honestly makes a world of difference to these packages for the kids! There is a spot on the toolbar to show you how to go about it!

Look at the boy on the right looking at the Card from another child across the world – how important is that!!!!!

So every boy and girl in the home has now got new clothes – we picked up the 6 new kids in this package too – 4 of them being girls…..

So I am going to let the rest of the photos speak for themselves – thank you for your amazing support …. I could honestly not do this without your help!!

New to Imani – but still not forgotten – doesn’t she look amazing in her new dress

waiting to open the bags – cheeky smiles!!


The boys in their new clothes …. serious cool looking dudes


too cute!!!! how cool is this little dude

waiting to see what is inside

I had forgotten to add this little girls necklace last time around which she was sad about – we made it right …. I think those eyes say it all really

Bags by Sue!!


Look whats in here!

Feeling great in new threads!

So thank you all – You made it happen!

My heart is full today


What a huge week

Well first great news – 248 dresses, 23 shorts and 16 Days for Girls Packs in total from our little group over the past 10 months or so – that is 285 kids we have made a positive change to their lives!!!!!! How awesome is that?? I await photos now from all the recipients of the clothing and Days for Girls packs – so expect to be spammed in the next couple of weeks.

New dresses ….. even for the littlest

Packages sent out

So this past two weeks we have sent out packages to Nepal – through Music for Kids 18 dresses in bags (4.4 kilos) , Tanzania – 23 Boys shorts, tops, games and stationery packs (23 kilos), 20 dresses to Catholic Care Northern Territory (5 kilos) and 12 dresses and 16 Days for Girls Packs to Pakistan (9.8 kilos) plus the presentation flip chart donated by Philippa Leaske Canberra City Days for Girls. In total 42.2 kilos of clothes, Days for Girls Kits, games and stationery supplies have gone out to the world a magnificent effort

Thank yous

Thank you to our sewers who came together on the 28th May for a day of sewing and chatter. Together we finished the Days for Girls Kits for Pakistan and I am so grateful. Thanks to Jenny, Liz, Jess, Tanya and Kristie who were all magnificent. Thanks Jess for the catering too – it was fabulous and everyone loved it….. Jess is also a dab hand with our new snap machine – awesome work!!

Our May sewing day


I must also acknowledge the wonderful Days for Girls Canberra City Team for their donations of 100 shields, 30 bags and labels – this will provide us a buffer as Pakistan gets up and running.

Thank you to the amazing Jenny and Gill who have been working behind the scenes for the Days for Girls kits – we have to wash flannelette, cut and overlock, plus dye undies and put together strips into the neat patchwork bags – these ladies are amazing!!! Thank you. I need to also thank Sue who always comes up with the amazing dresses for the little girls and has been cutting and sewing size 8 dresses too, this is a tremendous help as it really assists with the time I spend cutting and sewing – Ron her husband is also learning cutting now under Sue’s expert guidance.

Sewing days and mornings

We are starting a monthly Wednesday monthly sewing group 9:30am to 1pm  – for a few hours over the next months to see how it goes – the first is on the 21st June – come along – bring your machine or over locker (if you don’t sew we can still use your hands – come and cut or iron for us as we sew) …. The more the merrier!!

Our next full sewing Day is on the 28th August (I have a huge July and cannot organise it til then….. but it is in the calendar) …. It will go from 10 to 4pm … catering to be advised.

First dress 🙂

For the sewing days and mornings there is no need to know how to sew the items – I will do a demo 🙂 Just bring your machine and some thread – everything else is provided.

Please note I have dresses and shorts cut and ready to sew at my front door in the basket – I would love you to help if you would like too…… I am also happy to do a one to one demo and loan you a dress or shorts for reference.

Making a difference in Pakistan

Our new Sewers

We have several new sewing ladies on board too – welcome to Kirstie, Kellie, Amarlyse, Tanya, Carolin, Matilda, Doreen and Lesley who are loving the practical nature of our work – and have been producing amazing things. I love that we can sew what we like – bags, shields and liners for the days for girls kits, dresses and shorts – so many great ways to help!!

Bags and pencils from CWA Moss Vale


Welcome also to CWA – Moss Vale, Bathurst and the Hospital Support in NSW …. these ladies are amazing, we have donated supplies, fabric and lace, sewn bags which we package the clothes in – the kids love them – see the photo below, and they have our patterns too.

A bag of her own plus a dress, letters, colouring book and necklace – because she is special, she is valued

Contacts going overseas

Do you know of a person going overseas and visiting kids in need – an orphange or reputable organisation …. if they can take dresses or shorts please ask them to read the criteria in the side bar ….. it saves us postage and is really lovely to have more kids to help.

The amazing Margie – who looks after 37 kids at Safe Haven in Kenya with her husband Steve – bringing the dresses for the girls

Donations for postage needed

We are now down to $80 in our kitty so we are needing a few donations to help with postage ….. postage is our biggest expense as most of our fabric is donated (though I do buy flannelette) …. if you have a bit of extra funds anytime – please think about donating! It makes our dresses and kits go to where hey are needed most.

Other donations

We need in particular girls undies at the moment in all sizes – the brighter the better – but no animals or people please :). Also we have used our stock of fabric, so cotton fabric in bright patterns (non-see through) is hugely welcome

A new dress, possibly their first ever new dress – because they are absolutely worth it

I think that is it for today … bless you all for the amazing things you do for this little project of ours

Thank you all


A Quick Post tonight

A little quick post tonight – as the week ahead is going to be huge …. so get ready!!We are definitely in the calm before the storm stage right now 🙂 but it is all good

The boys package to Tanzania will be freighted early next week once I have finalised just a few more things!! Thanks to Gill for the colouring books, Sue for the extra bags, Courtney for the bags for the little girls and all the kind donations big and small to get everything done. We are freighting this package and thanks to John also for the help with the freight – other donations have also been received for postage and will be used for Pakistan, Nepal and the Northern Territory. Currently we have around $550 in the kitty – great news.

Next week 18 dresses will be posted to Nepal, 4 dresses and 21 short sets will be freighted to Tanzania and 24 dresses sent to the Northern Territory!!!!!

Plus we are in the middle of the Days for Girls production! We have made enough shields for the first lot to go to Pakistan ….. and will be doing these through the months ahead. Tanzania would also like them and the training will be completed to make all of this a reality. Thank you for the amazing donations of undies, soaps, facewashers and time to make this work!! Especially the Canberra Crew – wow …. and Gill, has brought us the snap press and the snaps – we are ready to rock!!

We will have good news soon about a Marketing and events coordinator … I have been approached by someone who I have known for many years and will chat to her in a week or two – but it sounds exciting!

Apart from that – everything is going so well – thank you for everything you do – we have people who are joining us all the time – who sew and love what we do, who want to give, who donate their time and expertise – I am feeling so blessed to have you on board!!

Thank you – my heart is full





Smiles all round

Well I am delighted to let you know our package to Tanzania has been received – despite 9 weeks, 6 weeks being in Customs, money exchange for paying the customs ticket and Amani losing the internet for the past three days we are there!!!! It has taught me patience and that everythign happens eventually! How interesting working with other countries this process is – but at least we know now and we are shipping again next week to Tanzania for the boys – at least we know what to expect!

We began with donations for material – both material donated and funds to buy from the Lincraft sale – you might remember this photo

Thanks to Karen, Jody, Gill, Kristy and Merrilyn for this fabric stash!

Then we got sewing 🙂 all the lovely ladies at my place … busily sewing dresses …. it was a hot day in January but heaps of fun too

Once they were ready we shipped the parcel off and it arrived intact thankfully to Tanzania where it took a vacation of 6 weeks in Customs. Finally released …. Money paid for the release ticket and then it arrived into Amani Orphanage Tanzania

The package is opened and everything is there

Sweet Happy with her bag which has a dress, necklace, undies, cards and letters from kids in Australia

and a colouring book – from Merrilyn

Bright colourful and well made dresses are so much appreciated

Opening their bags – made by CWA and Sue Colouring pencils were included too – for the colouring books Excitement in opening the packagesReading the cards from kids in Australia

Dress fabric donated by Karen and family… doesn’t she look gorgeous

Happy with her dress … that smile says it all really

So happy!! Feeling pretty and valued

Thanks to Merrilyn, Becc and Kristy for these fabrics!!

More beautiful dresses and one cute baby – she is 18 months old but didn’t miss out

The littlest girls received a purse, play jewellery and some goodies in the bags

The teenage girls are just gorgeous aren’t they – relaxed and happy

Thanks to Merrilyn and Libby for these fabrics

Each girl received a pendant and a pair of undies, a colouring book and cards from school Kids

So I will leave you with the excited girls and Gideon who helped make it all happen

Thank you to everyone for your amazing support:

  • To the people who donated funds and fabric
  • To the sewers
  • To our families
  • To our contacts and friends

We made a difference together

One girl at a time – simple really – but wow!

Update this week

I started this post last night and did not save it so here i am writing again – frustrating!! But I have a lot of lovely news so I am writing today 🙂


Well our package has been released from customs in Tanzania and we have news that it is on its was to Arusha and will be there soon. I have paid the customs fee of $26 dollars (so small really) and I, like you cannot wait to see the girls faces as they open the bags and find their new dresses.

Thank you to all who have made this possible, and to Gideon who has coordinated all of the messages backwards from Amani in Tanzania – we have both been somewhat frustrated with the time that the package has taken to clear customs – but at least we know it is safely on its way!!

We are now putting together the boys package, ETA 10 days or so and at the moment I am looking for some things to make them smile…. so please look out for the following:

  • Board games such as scrabble, upwords, connect four or similar – it must be appropriate to Tanzania – so obviously not monopoly etc – can be used but in great condition
  • Light weigh puzzles
  • Decks of cards
  • Card games such as UNO, Snap etc
  • Balls and soccer balls – Thanks Tash for donating these!!

Northern Territory Community

We have been sewing and have 24 dresses to send to the community 5.5 hours away from Darwin – I am just waiting on shorts from my lovely sewers and we will be sending them – how wonderful… I am looking at another two weeks or so.

Music 4 Kids Nepal

Thanks to Gayle for the contact we are sending 18 dresses to Nepal and I have the dresses almost done – the lovely Sue is sewing the size 8’s and we will be good to go once we finish the size 14s which should be next week.


The Days for Girls sewing bee will be held on Sunday 28th May and we will be all set to do the shields and bags that day. Thanks to everyone for your donations, particularly Sonja and my Fernwood crew for the soaps, Tash for the face washers, Phillipa for the plastic bags, and Gill and Jenny for the washing and ironing of countless pieces of fabric. Gill has also donated the funds for the snap setter – I am so grateful as I was unsure where I would find the money for this essential piece of equipment.

Liz, Jenny, Gill and I will do the shields prior and cut out the bags at a sewing day a few weeks before hand.

Once Lubna completes the online training we will be able to start sending kits over to Pakistan. How exciting!!


Thanks everyone for your donations …. I have received more fabric for dresses and Sue is cutting size 8s which we are low on at the moment.

We always need cotton fabric and new undies – so please keep an eye our for these.


Thank you everyone for your assistance – we have more sewers to our group now and thank you for your time and your beautiful work – you are amazing all of you.

I will post up photos once I get them from Tanzania – until then, have a wonderful Mothers day and a fabulous weekend

Great news from Tanzania

Our parcel has been released from customs and is on its way!!

Thank you to everyone for your support – I will write and pop up photos when I get them – but what a massive effort… thank you all!!

Lots of love