What a start to 2020!

This is Carol and I have been very remiss lately with so much going on and far to little time. So to catch you up ….

In January we had fires – after many months of terrible drought – we had fires at time so close to us it was really frightening – so from New years eve and all of January – between work and other things – my husband Phil and so many of my lovely ladies in Canberra, and I sewed for wild life – we just couldn’t not do anything… I asked myself – what can I do??? Yes the answer was to sew!!

Bat wraps, Joey Pouches and hanging pouches we did it all – 3 car loads, and another 80 kilos sent out across fire ravaged areas throughout Victoria, NSW and Queensland – we helped the creatures that couldn’t help themselves!

In early January we sent over 100 kilos to Pakistan – kits, clothes and other supplies. It takes a village – and gosh we have a great one here! We are waiting for it to arrive soon.

We were sad that the Rover Moot got cancelled in January but we were honoured and delighted that so many chapters assisted in supplying shields – we are using them for Pakistan in the months ahead.

We held our first sewing day in February – with January cancelled due to the fires. And we were able to pack 195 kits! Wow – that is incredible as everything in the DFG kits has changed for this packing day – and still we succeeded ….. 195 kits!

In March now we have Covid19 – or the Corona Virus – sadly this is going to impact our sewing and packing days for a couple of months under the direction of DFG International. However we will continue to sew and do our bit for kids around the world – we will just do it from our own homes for a while and pray that it peters out quickly.

It has been a difficult few months – storms, drought, fires, hail and now Covid19 – but we will prevail. And I know what we do is so worthwhile – it is important to us all.

Be safe, be calm – we will get through this too

Love Carol