What a Tribe!!

I am always so happy to be a part of this adventure … and nothing thrills me more than telling great news. I have to say I often say yes to things with Sew for A Girls Canberra and hope that our supporters will provide! And as always they do!!!

shields waiting for the snaps

So when I found out that a container would be going to Pakistan in April, I can tell you that I was totally excited!! Not only was it a third of the cost for freight (at $5 a kilo…… usually $14.50) ….. the packages would be delivered to the door!! As you may know our postage costs are huge so I asked for 50 kilos – and hoped I could raise the money!!

Lubna showing how the kit works

So I asked to be included for 50 kilos of supplies – DFG kits, clothing, toothbrushes and Lubna was concerned about customs (we have been stung in the past) so I spoke to Ahmer and he said the charge was included!! Awesome.

Then I started to look at raising money …. always the clinker! We raised $150 in donations and then Philippa from the Canberra City Team said she would be happy to pay the shortfall!! Whooooo hooo.

But it honestly gets better – Sondra Hudgens from Utah then offers to pay for another 35 kilos of kits if we can get another 100 kits on board with our 50 kilos!! How great is that? So we are now sending 85 kilos of DFG kits and supplies to Pakistan in April!!!!

And Philippa Leask from Canberra City will supply any shortfall! So thank you tribe!! Time and time again we find out how great things can be achieved with people working together to make things happen!!

So much love! Carol