Yippee Tanzania dresses are close now!!


Okay well if you are on our facebook page you will now that we are celebrating – the parcel has been released from customs and I have forked out the customs fee (a princely $26) and the dresses are on their way to the Amani Orphanage. I expect that I have probably harassed Gideon a little over the past two months trying to fund out what was happening (sorry Gideon) – but all that is in the past and we await the pics of the girls faces as they open and wear the dresses.

So in case you missed it I want to send the boys package in a week or so, and thank you for your kind donations of postage which has raised $280. Whoo hooooo

All the sewing is done and I have enough undies and t shirts which is just wonderful – thank you to everyone who sewed, donated and purchased. Also the kids in Michelle’s class and other small people who wrote cards for the kids.

With the boys box I would like to add boys things so I would like

  • Board Games – such as scrabble or connect four (these can be used but in great shape please)
  • Decks of cards
  • Lego sets
  • Duplo sets
  • Balls – thanks to Tash we have this covered!!

Please get them to me as soon as you can 🙂

Australian Indigenous Community

Thanks to Maree and Julie for connecting us to Lana who works with an Indigenous Community 5.5 hours from Darwin. Lana is so excited that we are going to send dresses to them because the cost is massive to have them air freighted in. We will be doing this in the next few weeks once I have some more shorts for the boys, back from our sewers.

I have 24 dresses ready to go and I also have the funds (thank you everyone!!) for the postage

How great is that!!

Music 4 Kids… Nepal

We have another contact in Nepal and we have committed to 18 dresses – I  have the girls sizes in the facility and will get more information soon (I have been busy with the other parcels and haven’t had a lot of time to connect)

Days for Girls

I finished the online training and now we are holding a sewing day at the end of May – 28th Sunday!! Liz, Jenny, Gill and I are having a pre-sewing day to make the liners as they are overlocked and it makes more sense to do these first and to cut out the bags.

We have 5 ladies coming but we could do with more – please let us know if you would like to come – there is a Facebook event which is advertised on our Facebook page.


In June we will be sending 12 dresses and Days for girls kits to Pakistan to start off the program. We look forward to this making a great change to these girls and hope it spreads throughout the community.

The reason Days for Girls is so important is that it keeps the girls in school (for every week of the month),

  • it reduces the likelihood of sex trafficking due to education
  • reduces the likelihood of early marriage and childbirth
  • increases the girls ability to gain employment and a career
  • positively affects communities and options for future generations

Every Girl. Everywhere. Period

I think that is it for the moment

Thank you for your amazing support in a myriad of ways – I am forever grateful we have the chance to do this!!