Christmas Message

I really wanted to post this Christmas Message today to show you how we have made such a difference to kids around the world.

In a time when girls we reach out too cannot attend school because of their periods – we have reached out and sent 615 Days for Girls kits across the world in 2018 to Pakistan, Kenya and Laos. Why are these kits and educating girls so important? Because if girls are kept in school, they are educated and educated women simply change the world – they build careers, they give back to their community and they educate their children. They are less likely to marry young, have lots of children and are not vulnerable to sex trafficking – so simply we know that education saves their lives!

Every Girl. Everywhere. Period.

To the amazing Lubna Ghani – who has taken this mantle to Pakistan and trained almost 1000 girls and women about periods, which was never done before. We are hoping to build an enterprise next year for Pakistan to support the work. Lubna changes lives in her community of women and children through Tree of Life Ministries – she is amazing.

Lubna facilitating Days for Girls training

We have educated the community here in Australia – and we have formed lovely relationships with Fernwood, CWA, Rotary, Lions Club and are looking to further opportunities with schools and organisations in 2019. We also have great relationships with Amani Kids Tanzania, Safe Haven Childrens Home Kenya, Global School Partners Kenya, Project Didi Nepal, Fountain of Peace Uganda, My Island Home Papua New Guinea, and Quan Am Vietnam.

We formed built a wonderful group of women who sew and connect with others across Australia – women of all ages and backgrounds who use their skills to make a difference – we have sewers, helpers, packers and people who purchase undies and face washers for us. People who donate fabric, ribbon and time.

Safe Haven Kenya

We are blessed with several key people who I can rely on to assist us whenever we need it. I am grateful to each and everyone of these amazing people who help out in so many ways. Particularly I want to mention Sue and Ron who cut clothing and liners for us – they do a spectacular job! Gill who sews the strips for the bags, overlocks the bags and prepares them for sewing and who dyes undies, washers and fabric on request …. thank you so much. And Frances who has been such a joy this year (I am delighted she found us!!) and does the collections over the northside of donated fabric!

To our sewers – you are amazing!! We managed this year to distribute 487 dresses and 236 short sets across the globe – we sent them into countries we have never been before – and the smiles on those kids faces makes it so worthwhile. Thank you for your time, the love you put in to each stitch and your genuine joy in creating a beautiful dress or pair of shorts!

I must mention our amazing sewers across Australia – from WA up through Queensland, through NSW and into Tasmania. Every week or two I get a package of dresses and shorts, donations of soaps, undies and face washers. Thank you so much. Toothbrushes and tooth paste, combs and pencils all help to make the lives of kids better – and they are so appreciated.

I also am thrilled to let you know that we are supporting several groups who we in turn donate too…. sometimes we just get things we cannot use – so we donate small hotel toiletries and lined bags from CWA (which are too heavy to post) to Bosom Buddies for their pamper kits when the ladies come in to hospital for their surgery, A charitable quilting group who make trauma quilts for children, and the View club who uses fabric we cannot use to make items to raise money for the kids they support in Canberra Schools.

So in all – we have had the most amazing year.

Thank you for your support and I wish you all a very safe Christmas – surrounded by love

With love