October November Update

Hello everyone – our supporters, helpers, sewers and of course the girls and organisations we support. We have been crazily busy the past couple of months and like most people I \had so much on with work and this that the website missed out on being updated. I am sorry – but I am sure you will understand! We do keep our facebook updated however … so if you want the news more regularly – please pop in there – it is less tricky and time consuming to update and so happens much more often.

Distribution Kenya

We are having some gorgeous cards you can buy for $10 each for a Christmas gift … each card will buy a Days for Girls Kit and I will happily send them for free all over Australia – either to you – or I can play Santa… Here is the link to purchase Christmas Card Link

We have had one interesting year – with lots of great things happening… we will have sent over 600 days for girls kits out (a couple more boxes – 60 kits – are waiting to be sent as I write this) and we have clothed almost 1000 children!!!!

To make it easier I think I will pop everything under headings ….

Kenya – Safe Haven Orphanage and Days for Girls Distributions to 4 schools

We have supported Kenya again through Global School Partners and what a blessing that is! Through their generous ability to take over 100 kits (35kilos) and clothing for the kids at Safe Haven Orphanage … it reached so many kids!! In Kenya – the girls often have nothing to help them deal with their periods – so they stay inside or in a room for 5 days every month. These kits are a practical way to dealing with the normal part of a woman’s life and they can go to school!! The photos are below

Don’t you love those smiles – a bit embarrassed but learning about how their bodies work

The flip chart is a fantastic resource and the girls are amazed to see and learn

Sometime the school room is outside!

Working out how this all works and demonstrating for their classmates

Those smiles!!

In the outside classroom – showing the elements of the kit

Each kid at Safe Haven got a bag with their name embroidered on it – thanks to Chris and Frances!! This is Davies … new clothes and bag too!!

The girls in their new dresses cooking for everyone at Safe Haven

 Papua New Guinea – Rousell Island

Thrilled to have photos from the distribution of Days for Girls Kits via catamaran at Rousell Island PNG. In all we sent 60 kits and Esperance sent more! They certainly are looking for more kits next year which we will happily assist with. Thanks to Marina and her family for making this all possible.

The happy recipients of the Days for Girls Kits in Rousell PNG

So many bright and wonderful kits !!

Vanuatu clothing distribution

We are thrilled to assist Ednah in clothing and sent both shorts and dresses for the islands where many people live in remote locations . Firstly 65 short sets were sent out to Vanuatu and then we we very fortunate to have Anita take over 25 kilos of dresses!! These have been delivered to Sonta and we are waiting on photos!! Big thank you to Glenn Thorley of Port Stephens Removals and Brisbane Moving for delivering them to Anita so we didn’t have to pay for freight.

safe arrival of 25 kilos of dresses to Vanuatu – thanks to Anita and her team, Peter Ora for the ferry to Sonta and two amazing removal companies Port Stephens Removals and Brisbane Removals who took the dresses to Anita from Canberra!! Talk about a village!!

this little girl is being treated for TB – she was delighted with the short set (the dresses had not yet arrived!!)

Ednah and her patient in Vanuatu – the boys now have new clothes!!

Pakistan another successful distribution

We are distributing 30 kits a month to Pakistan with 60 still to go out in December. Lubna is still getting requests from all over the region and it is wonderful to see that it is making such an impact that we are looking to build an enterprise there next year – how exciting!!

so amazing – breaking taboos and educating women – these women will have a much better chance to be educated and build a career than their mothers!

Still shy – but this will help them so much – no need to miss school, or go to the city for supplies

Solomon Islands

These will be probably the only photos we get from this distribution of 25 kilos of kids clothing to a domestic violence refuge in the Solomon Islands due to privacy concerns. However – how awesome is it to help – and thanks to the AFP for shipping it over for us! We hope it makes life just a bit easier for these abused women and their kids.

boxes of kids clothes for the domestic violence refuge – Solomon Islands


Fountain of Peace has been distributing our clothes – mainly shorts this time … I had to include these!!

How cute are these kids and our shorts!!

serious business – I love the little guy in orange in our shorts!!

I will do our end of year update in a couple of weeks – but thank you for your support …. and please continue to assist us in any way you can – we are so grateful!!

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Everything you do impacts positively on a child – 100% of all donations is always used directly for the need – no commission or administration fees are ever taken out.

With love and gratitude