June Update

Hi everyone – I have been waiting (not so) patiently for photos so I can write this update for June – but here we are!! Finally I have the update I am very excited about!!

We have had an absolutely unprecedented month in June – with so many clothes and kits going all over the world – the opportunities to assist kids and communities has been incredible. As I write this – more kits and clothes are winging via plane, and sailing via catamaran, to countries near and far. How great it is to be a part of this amazing journey – and even more so how amazing to find new friends through this work we do together. As I speak with four different countries all in one night sometimes – I wonder what I did to deserve such a privilege of leading and being part of it all.

June stats

This month we sent out

  • 23 short sets to the Solomon Islands
  • 70 dresses to PNG
  • 67 dresses to Solomon Islands
  • 15 Short sets to Kenya
  • 100 DFG kits to Kenya
  • 11 Dresses to Kenya
  • 60 dfg kits to PNG

So firstly – our package arrived in Tanzania and I enlisted DHL to take it as Aust Post is so slow (and the parcel gets ‘lost’ in Tanzania). Sadly this time, despite paying $520 in freight – with thanks to several personal and group donations – Tanzania customs decided it would not recognise the package as ‘charitable’ and whacked on a massive $360 for us to release it – last time it was just $20!! You can imagine how frustrating it is to have a parcel of 25 kilos delivered to Tanzania and then be billed this huge amount. We were lucky that we had almost this amount in the kitty (partly due to the US trip and getting several kind donations from the teams there to buy fabric) …. but it is so disappointing and we are trying to work it out so it doesn’t get caught up again. We actually might test the Australia Post route again and maybe in smaller shipments….. we just have to deal with the 9 week time frame.

So here are some photos from the Tanzania distribution …. each child received a little bundle of clothes tied with ribbon and tagged with their name – you will see that they had fun with that ribbon – the boys certainly thought a bandana style was the go – and I loved the colour coordinating photos of the boys – looks like they had a blast.

The box arrives and the kids are chosen to open it


all the little packages


Love that this little girl is wearing her dress from last time (this is when we were using cotton fabric such as curtaining – but at least we can see it wore very well


no matter how young or old each kids is – they all got a package

That smile says it all really

A simple toothbrush is precious – they clean their teeth with a stick – so this is a luxury – thanks to the food bank in Canberra

Every girl was given a Days for Girls Kit – we tried without a lot of success to ensure the training was completed so it is going to be interesting to see if this work – the matrons only speak Swahilli and it was hard to get across the importance that they are trained – so we will see if they change the girls lives


New dresses – son’t those smiles look amazing – often these kits have never had anything new at all! this is so special

The cool dudes in their shorts and red t shirts – plus the ribbon that tied their clothing bundle ….

Aren’t they just darling?? new dresses and they are obviously feeling very happy

The littlest of the girls – so sweet!!

More great shorts and t shirts and lots of different ways of wearing those ribbons

Love these amazing shorts and the boys love them too… another coordinated shot!!

all the kids! New clothes and don’t they look great – thanks to all our donators, supporters, packers and sewers 🙂


Thank you to Gideon – the Manager of Amani Kids Home for contacting us again to supply new clothes for the kids – as you can see they were a fantastic hit with the kids and we are delighted that they will be used and loved so much. The clothes from last years distribution are being used still and we are delighted to see so many of the kits are enjoying their new clothes.

Pakistan recently had two distributions of Days for Girls kits over 2 days. Lubna has has some family issues which stopped and earlier distribution but we are now on track for a July package to go next week and thank Zarrin for the offer of funds to send it. I am hoping that the Pakistan community in Australia gets behind this work but I am finding it challenging to get traction – partly because it is not culturally spoken about.

Here are the amazing photos from Lubna – and it is really changing the lives of girls in Pakistan.

Sharing about the menstrual cycle

This will change her life

And keep her in school


I love this ladies face – she gets it!!

Another day and another distribution

Sharing sometimes isn’t easy because the women haven’t heard this before – we are making inroads to Pakistan

Toothbrushes assist in keeping teeth clean and reduce dental issues – they are seen as a luxury for people with little money

Those smiles !!

toothbrushes and pencils for school – a winning combination

More news!

Bank Account – we now have a designated bank account for Days for Girls – this is very helpful for those of you who would like to make monetary donations and I have been asked whether people could donate from your pay and have it tax deductible – and the answer – thank you – yes we can!!

Account Name: Days for Girls Australia Limited
BSB: 064 032
Account number: 10134986
Please then nominate Tuggeranong
And if you like send me a message too

Another contact in Pakistan – Millat school in Pakistan has a 150 kids and would like to start a Days for Girls program – the link for the school is here. The principal and his wife are happy to do the training – how awesome is that!!

Refugee contact – It looks as though we have interest from a group working with the refugees in Canberra. They are now discussing how best to make it work for them and empower the refugee girls and women – watch this space 🙂

What we need at Present

  • Sewers we really need several sizes of cross over dresses now and shorts as we are very very low
  • Girls undies size 10 to 12 – we have the bigger size 12 to 14 in plentiful stock at present so thank you
  • Funds to shore up our postage costs – which is our largest cost
  • Boys undies 3 to 4
  • Small tubes of toothpaste – look at Reject shop they have them cheap

Position vacant – a volunteer marketing promotional person who can assist in fundraising activities …. I keep putting it out there as I sincerely hope that you will enjoy raising money to assist these amazing kids – the pay is love and satisfaction!!! I know you are out there …..

And lastly I want to share with you something I wrote the other day – bless you all!!

My life is funny and diverse
I talk about admin, boards, connection, marketing and funding issues all day
I move clothing across the globe
I get excited about washable solutions to menstrual hygiene
I regularly speak to contacts all over the world
I negotiate with heads of state
I talk to kangaroos and possums ( that was tonight)
And I am a drop off and pick up point which I coordinate a charity (so much so that I must have the neighbours wondering)
I laugh and I get frustrated
But I am mostly in awe
Because despite everything, of my weaknesses and perhaps my strengths
You are still beside me
Every step
Every place
Thank you my friends
This is one crazy life ( and lady)
And you still are here along for the ride!!!!!!