Spring Update (Aug & September)

Hi everyone – thank you firstly for your amazing support – I certainly know that we are heading fast to the end of the year and things will slow down – but as yet we are still quite busy!

In their new clothes – the kids at Safe Haven Orphanage

I went to Bali recently ans was able to purchase Batik and elastic for our sewing at such amazing prices. I spent $100 and then purchased lots of batik for my personal sewing – all the cutoff pieces will go into DFG kits.

How is this? amazing fabrics and lots of great colours for Days for Girls kits – Bali

Firstly – as promised some new photos from the Safe Haven Orphanage in Kiisi Kenya – where we distributed clothes for the boys and girls – they were so excited and especially the boys because they missed out last time – as we were sewing only for girls at that time.

Davies with his bag – very precious- and his clothes (made by Kim)

Cooking in the dresses – the kids loved them so much they didn’t want to take them off

Esther with her new dress – proudly holding it up – made by Tanya

Rehema – with her dress by Tanya – that smile says it all

Rudia has a pink dress – a favourite colour

We also sent over 100 Days for Girls Kits and these have been distributed to 4 schools in Kiisi Kenya – along with extra soap distributed monthly to families so the girl doesn’t lose soap from her kit for family use. As yet I have not got photos for these distributions but hope to very shortly.

We have now posted 65 short sets for boys and 20 toiletry kits (thanks Chris for making these up) to Vanuatu. They have now cleared customs and are awaiting pick up. It took three weeks and we are waiting impatiently to see if they get released through the postal system (and whether they will require further payment!!)

The amazing Lubna Ghani

Distribution of pencils and toothbrushes to kids!! Thanks to a kind donation from the food bank

Our distribution in Pakistan went well in August, however one lady walked out as she didn’t want to listen – this is an issue we have sometimes, because what we are saying breaks down barriers and taboos, and some women are not happy to hear it. However all the others stayed and thanked Lubna for the session and the kit. It is sometimes not easy to reach into a community which has never talked about menstruation and even more so since it is seem as unclean and shameful. It is a big ask for the women to sit and listen when they have never heard this before.

She has never heard this before – always thought it was shameful – now she is equipped to know – she will move mountains

I will post another 30 off this week. It has been somewhat crazy at work and with a couple of weeks leave thrown in I haven’t had a lot of time – but I will get to the post office on Tuesday.

These ladies still sat and listened – they know now things they never were told before – that is amazing. And thanks to Dr Zarrin for your support in getting the dfg kits there

Lubna says: Its not easy to break the Barriers when talk to illiterate conservative Women in villages. Today in chak 388 Pakistan… It was good group to start with general women health, talked about their cleanliness and taking care of their kids to get them involved. It was the good beginning but during the session one woman left the group by saying….” what is she talking about”? I can not listen this”

But I continued the session.. Because mostly young girls were listening very carefully. And they said its their first time that they have heard about it. I was little upset but we learn each time to tackle these kinds of behaviors. We are breaking barriers by standing fast with our mission. God bless you. Days for Girls – Pakistan.

I am in consultation with the Solomon Islands to look at distribution of clothes through a domestic violence refuge. These abused and distressed women and children need some clothing and support and we can assist at least with clothing for the kids – we will work with the AFP to take over the clothing – so no postage costs!! Yeah!

Another shipment of girls dresses and women’s undies will go out to Vanuatu via Anita who is taking a team over in November and has agreed to take 20 kilos from Australia. Anita will liaise with the amazing Ednah over there.

Still waiting on photos from Papua New Guinea and My Island Home distributions. Will post them up when I can.

Fernwood Tuggeranong is going to use us as the recipient for their Market Day on the 1st December – this is very exciting and as you know we can always use funds for postage!

There were over 100 kits made up last sewing day!! so we again have a great amount in stock! So we find ourselves  desperate for undies at the moment – Girls sizes 10 to 12 and 12 to 14 as we have a lot of kits to make up in the next two months. What a wonderful position to be in – so please consider adding a pack of undies to your shopping next time you are in a department store – we will gratefully receive them 🙂

Also we need toothpaste – the small size from Reject shop is great – please help get toothpaste to Pakistan 🙂

I can also purchase undies for you if you like – and it is tax deductible 🙂 Bank details are below.

We will have a GST claim for the end of this quarter – but postage has been rather high lately with Vanuatu costing $280 and Pakistan $130 – our bank account has just $90 in it at present. You can donate any amount…… Tax deductible receipts are now available from me – just let me know if you want one 🙂

Here is our account for a tax deductible donation if you wish

Account Name: Days for Girls Australia Limited
BSB: 064 032
Account number: 10134986

Welcome to our lovely new sewers and especially those from far afield who sew away and post their lovely dresses and shorts to us – we are so grateful!!

And lastly – thank you to all our supporters all over Canberra and Australia – we are really delighted that you are with us all the way! Every little bit helps and it makes such a difference to the kids of the world!