Update for July

Hi everyone and welcome to our update for July

A quick reminder that our next sewing day is the 17th August – we have lots to do and I will be taking you through making a shield as we so need assistance on these every month 🙂 If you can’t sew there is still much to do – and we can use your help… we need help putting kits together and lots of other activities such as cutting out … no experience necessary – and morning tea provided!!

Our orphanage policy: As a group we currently support only two orphanages – this one and Fountain or Peace in Uganda … we certainly get asked to help a lot of ‘orphans’ however I have found that these are not necessarily orphans, many have one or both parents,  and there is a lot of ‘volunteering in orphanages’ that goes on – when often these children have families and the children are in fact kept in orphanages and don’t get access to their families. Please believe me when I say I really look into every organisation we donate to – to ensure we are not enabling a problem and dependence.  So it is important to assist where we can – and make sure our clothes and kits are being accessed to those most in need.

We firstly are delighted to let you know that the Global School Partners have distributed the clothing to all the orphans in Safe Haven Orphanage in Kenya – these kids are HIV orphans or had a life of living on the street in Kiisi Kenya.

Playing soccer – new clothes

So to Kiisi Kenya…. here are the first photos – and I am sure there will be more … thank you to Global School Partners for the opportunity and to Steve and Margy who manage Safe Haven and care for these kids as their own. We sent each child an outfit in their own ‘dilly’ bag with their embroidered name on the front (thanks to CWA, Frances and Chris). We also sent 100 Days for Girls Kits and lots and lots of soap to assist their families (and to stop the families using the soap in each kit). I am hoping for more photos soon.

New clothes – thank you all

As I write this we are still waiting on news for the Days for Girls delivery to Pakistan. I will keep you posted – usually it takes 10 days – this time it has taken much longer. Fingers crossed and prayers needed at this time.

The catamaran is now sailing to PNG and taking 60 Days for Girls kits to one of the remote areas – where there is no money – but a bartering system. We had a over abundance of kits and we have donated 60 to this cause called ‘Our Island Home’ … they take much needed supplies, medicines and items to these remote spots. We should receive news in a few weeks and photos!! Cannot wait!!!!

Also ditto with the PNG air lift which Bill assists in – 70 dresses were donated in July and have been taken over.

Thank you to ‘Pacific Smiles’ which took clothing to Fiji recently and it has now been distributed. We are waiting on more photos – but this is a start – thanks to Sheree and her family for assisting these kids – and we hope to see more smiles soon.

bright and happy dresses – more to come

Susan distributes Days for Girls Kits in the  Solomon Islands was a contact I made at a conference in Melbourne at hte DFG conference. It was great to chat with her and Tanya traveled over to the Solomons to catch up with her husband recently. It was a very quick turnaround – but needless to say, despite Susan having to return to Australia because she was so ill, we managed to still have half the clothes distributed and the other half will be distributed soon. Tanya also sewed 21 pair of shorts while she was there ‘on holiday’ (smile) so we have done well.

Sweet dresses on lovely little girls

one of my faves

in a rainbow – size 2 – how cute is she

only hald the distribution so far – more to come

love those shorts

so delightful – dresses by Tanya!!

Island girl and boy – so sweet

matchy matchy – too cute

At last I have some photos back from our Project Didi distribution – these are girls rescued from sex trafficking in Nepal and we honour their policy not to show the girls faces. The lovely smile is from the coordinator Smitri ….. isn’t that wonderful.

gorgeous dress and the coordinator Smitri who will be doing the Days for Girls Training soon

The girls in their new dresses – they loved them and couldn’t wait to put them on

I have been chatting to Lucette Dillon of her charity Quan Am (Vietnam) about Days for Girls for some time. We decided to donate Days for Girls Kits to her organisation when she goes in August, but time was against us – and while we might have got them there – it was better to ask the Coordinator of NZ to assist – so enter Helen!!. Lucette, Helen (from NZ Days for Girls) and I managed to liaise and NZ Days for Girls is now assisting Lucette in getting the kits and facilitating this to the area that Lucette’s charity works in. How wonderful – and thank to Helen for donating the kits. This is just the start – Lucette is looking at training her staff to deliver the sessions to the girls and I think this will take off!!

So how is August looking?

  • We have currently filled our commitments in June and July and now we are delighted to say that our clothing – which was getting very low is now beginning to look healthy again.
  • We look as though we have a contact in India – and I will let you know more when I can
  • We are in desperate need of sizes 4 to 6 girls undies and also sizes 6 to 8 girls undies if you are able – we would love that!!
  • Iris is sorting out a large fabric donation from closing her business – I am not sure what that looks like for us – but I am excited
  • We welcome several more sewers this month (mostly NSW and Qld) and please let us know if you would like fabric to sew … we have a lot in stock :)…. we also have kits to sew – nothing needed except your sewing machine!!
  • Thanks to your tireless efforts we are getting our cross over dresses up to stock levels – but would love more shorts (we were down to 4 pair recently – all sizes needed. We have about 15 in stock at the moment – so it is light on!!
  • Our coffers will look better once we have the GST paid back – but we are very short at present – please make sure you save receipts so I can claim GST – it really does help us so much
  • I will happily come and talk to your group about what we do – please just email me carol@sewforagirlcanberra.com
  • For tax deductible donations – and100% goes to our work ….
    Account Name: Days for Girls Australia Limited
    BSB: 064 032
    Account number: 10134986
    Please then nominate Tuggeranong

I really wanted to share this with you – it is taken from the leaders chat – but just in case you are ever in any doubt about what you do – and why it is important 🙂

 Our Kenyan friend and translator, Dama, has asked the women who received kits in 2016 for any feedback on how the kits are faring. They said:
*We love our kits – they are bright colours.
*We would like more kits for our daughters who now need them too.
*The kits are wearing well and are still in good condition.
*We need more of the folded pieces that fit in pockets (liners) as we scrub them and they are getting thin.
*Please come back and bring more because we love them.
*We remember dancing with you that day.
It’s great to get positive feedback from women who use DfG kits every month and they obviously are very happy with them.

Thank you everyone – without your amazing help we could not do what we do – our reach is not only to the kids but their families – and you help make it all possible

I am so grateful – thank you!!