April and May Update

It has been a huge couple of months and we have had so many successes I am delighted that everything is looking so amazing.

Our shorts! At Fountain of Peace in Uganda

Firstly – we are delighted to welcome little Joshua to the world – he is the much loved and awaited third child of Lubna and Anoush. Joshua was early and needed a bit of extra care but is doing very well!

Little Joshua

Our coffers have been helped lately with a few donations which we have used to purchase PUL, fabric, labels and flannelette. We also had some donations to assist in posting packages across the globe and we are so grateful for this as it is just so expensive.

A new Dress!!

We were told recently of a container traveling to Pakistan from Australia at just $5 a kilo. After what was a large negotiation process, and not a little help from some kind sponsors 110 kilos of DFG kits (205), 76 dresses, 41 short sets, countless pens, pencils, toothbrushes and paste, women’s underwear and bras set off for Pakistan. Thanks to Philippa and the ladies of Canberra City DFG Team for their support!

Then of course we were introduced to Victoria who has been working in the Zimbabwe Embassy in Canberra and returning home to her country. This has led to the amazing possibility of sending 186 DFG kits and 276 dresses and 76 short sets in a container for free!! This was amazing and we jumped at the possibility!! We also will be able to supply more for Zimbabwe at no cost for postage – which we will definitely take advantage of! Victoria has finished her training and she was so thankful for this opportunity to help the women in her country!

Carol and Victoria

In April we also found that the Canberra City Team has post partum DFG kits that they wanted to give somewhere. Through our contacts with Ednah in Vanuatu we have sent over the past few months clothing for kids, 30 DFG kits for girls in school and lots of prescription glasses for the communities she looks after.

Tanya and Ednah

Leanne and Tanya have taken the supplies over and we have posted some as well. More will go to Vanuatu when my husband and I travel there in July – I have been gifted a lot of maternity bras and I expect Ednah will need more days for girls kits by then.

Ednah gives out our shorts
Vanuatu – don’t they look lovely!!

Bec has found a contact in the Philippines and we will be supporting her when she has completed her training with Days for Girls Kits. These girls are slight so we have a lot of undies 8 to 10 size which will be perfect.

Uplift Australia has been shipping days for girls kits and clothing to Papua New Guinea – they asked us last week for more – and we are now out of kits but June is coming and we will make up more !! So it is about where we can get them for little cost – we will supply Uplift as we can.

Telopea Park High School has contacted me in regards to the students making cards and getting involved and we have a large shipment to go to Tanzania of clothes to Amani Kids in the middle of June – so I have flagged this as a possibility. We have almost all the clothes needed for Tanzania except 6 pair of boys shorts size 14. Thanks to Chris these are being made and soon the crate will be on its way.

We are currently needing the following:

  • Undies – boys all sizes
  • Undies – girls for DFG kits 10-12 and 12-14 (cotton no lace)
  • Toothbrushes and Toothpaste
  • 12 mm grosgrain ribbon – bright colours (buy through Ebay from China)
  • PUL fabric from Snaps Australia
  • Bright patterned flannelette (no eyes, skulls, animals please)

Thank you to the CWA who came through with 80 pair of girls undies for the kits … I also received a donation of $100 with thanks and bought another 100!

I think that is it for a while – we have been very active the past months and we are delighted that our work is going out to people who need it the most. I am off to Vietnam for a break for a couple of weeks and I will be in touch again here when I return.

Please know that you are all so appreciated and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. This work is not easy – but it is special and we do so much to help our sisters in other countries.

Thank you so much