As we wind down 2019

Hi everyone – I am finally looking at winding down for the Christmas break after a huge year ! 2019 really saw us trying to fit everything in and ensuring all went to plan…

We have had an amazing year and our stats are now reflecting what an enormous year this has been – we are all a bit tired and need a break. This year we have reached over 2000 kids from all over the globe and including some great contact in Australia: We sent:

  • 834 dresses
  • 402 short sets (boys)
  • 952 Days for Girls Kits
  • Uncounted knitted clothes, toothbrushes, toiletries and bras

The countries we sent to are:

  • Vanuatu – via Ednah and TB program
  • Solomon Islands – via AFP
  • PNG – via boat ‘My Island Home’
  • Pakistan – via Tree of Life Ministries
  • Lebanon – via Syrian Refugee Project
  • Zimbabwe – via Victoria
  • Tanzania – via Amani Childrens Home
  • Fiji – via Uplift Australia
  • Canberra – via Kids in Care
  • Canberra – via Roundabout
  • Queensland – via Drought Angels

As Australia is battling with drought and as I write this – bush fires in much of Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales we are finding new ways to support our country through our work.

We have had a huge amount of support from other organisations – we cannot thank you enough because every support assists us!! Supports include:

  • Canberra City DFG Team
  • Across the Board Cake Decorating
  • Addicted to Fabric
  • John Paul 11 College
  • Orana School
  • Weston Uniting Church
  • Probus
  • Lions Club
  • Rotary
  • Safe-tec
  • and many supporters who have helped in so many ways – financially, gifts, products, supplies and freight

Without our volunteers – honestly we would not exist – our reach is substantial and growing every week – and everyone of you is appreciated. Our volunteers do amazing work including:

  • Cutting and sewing DFG kits and clothing
  • Assembly of packs
  • spreading the words
  • Arranging with groups for me to make presentations
  • Donations of undies, face washers, toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap
  • Donations of funds and fabric
  • Freight and pickup

In particular there are the unseen heros of Sew for a Girl Canberra – the volunteers who work behind the scenes – and the families and friends who support us to do what we do! Many of us have a room full of fabric or in my case a garage and dining room! It takes love and patience to deal with this day in and day out without (much) complaint. We thank you.

As you may know – we are now going into our 4th year! I am particularly proud of what we have achieved – but even more so what we will achieve in 2020. Our goals are:

  • Support kids in care in the ACT and those in crisis through Roundabout – so we are now taking great condition clothes – clean and hardly worn – to donate to this amazing organisation. Please leave donations at SHOUT or at my front door.
  • To ensure that we support Australians in crisis where we can through established and reputable groups and organisations – including those working with our indigenous communities.
  • To finally change our name to Sew for Change and register us as a charity – this will allow us to give receipts in our name and assist us in getting rates etc under charitable status. We will be forming a board as part of this move.
  • To continue to support Pakistan as a priority – through Lubna Ghani – Tree of Life Ministries – the reach and effect of our work with her is far reaching and we are blessed to have this connection
  • To provide support to our Pacific Island Sisters and ensure we supply the region with DFG Kits and clothes
  • To develop the connection with the Philippines through Tess and supply DFG kits and clothes.
  • To work with groups and organisations to broaden the scope of the organisation whilst staying true to its mission and goals.

So from me to you all – thank you for the many ways you assist us – support our work and help us reach so many children and women around the globe. We are honoured to work with girls and women to make a difference in their lives and their future. On behalf of Sew for a Girl Canberra – I am deeply grateful to you all and your commitment and support enables me to continue to coordinate this amazing organisation to deliver clothes and DFG kits around the world.

With much love

Carol Mead