August Post 2019

This is a very short post as I will be back with lots more information soon

This Nun arranged for Lubna to do a distribution in her area

As I write this I am just about to leave for Vanuatu on Monday where I will be meeting Ednah for the first time and giving her DFG kits, spectacles, bras, baby clothes and lots more. we are taking in 46 kilos to the people in the villages. Lots of photos to come.

Never underestimate the gift of health to a child

We have had lots of contacts recently and we are welcoming Mozambique, Ethiopia and the Philippines to the Sew for A Girl Canberra fold! It is funny how these things work out, with an old friend Jules coming back into my life – she visits Ethiopia once a year and we hope to get DFG kits and clothes over there.

Packs for children with toothbrushes

Lubna is now in the midst of distributing DFG kits again after leave to have her lovely baby Joshua. So she is working through the vast amount of kits and other supplies.


Other news is that the container is on its way to Zimbabwe so Victoria can start to distribute DFG kits and kids clothes to the people in her home town.

The two boxes are on their way to the kids at Amani Kids in Tanzania – we are hoping customs will be a bit more generous this time around.

Amani Kids from last years distribution of clothes

127 kits are now delivered to the outpost in Victoria for delivery to the women and girls who are Syrian refugees. we are delighted to support such a worthwhile project.

45 DFG kits have left Townsville with YWAM ships to PNG.

Thank you for your support – I am looking forward to a much needed break and will be back with photos and lots more news soon

With love