June 2019 Update

Hi everyone it is Winter here in Australia but it doesn’t stop – we are certainly busy. A friend and I took a much deserved trip for a week to Hoi An in Vietnam and we loved it – it was great for a break before getting into the Winter cold of Canberra.

Please note that I am trying to raise some funds to assist us over the next few months and your donation is very welcome – we will be issuing a tax deductible receipt and it is a great way to support our work. Even a few dollars is so much help. We will use the funds for the work – never admin – not ever!! Please donate through our bank account or through the donate section on the side bar of this website (or at the bottom if you are on a smart phone)

Account Name: Days for Girls Australia Limited
BSB: 064 032
Account number: 10134986

We are so excited that our parcel has hit Pakistan after a couple of months and will be delivered soon – there is a lot of area to cover and 11 boxes totaling 110 kilos is a massive undertaking. Lubna is excited to know it is coming through soon.

One of the sessions in Pakistan

Equally exciting is the work that Days for Girls (DFG) is doing with the Syrian refugees around the world and the commitment to get 33,000 DFG kits into refugee camps to support these women. We have pledged 50 kits and will provide more if possible. Thankfully DFG Australia is paying for the postage of these kits to a central distribution point so we can get them there easily.

I am also thrilled to let you know that we have a wonderful contact in the Philippines and we are just waiting for them to finalise their training and then we will be packing for a shipment (also carried over at no cost to us!) They will take DFG kits and clothing as they can – how exciting for the women and girls of this regional village who have so little.

Our Tanzania shipment of clothing is almost finalised and will be sent soon to Amani Childrens Home – this has been a little delayed getting everything together. It should be on its way in Early July.

New clothing for all the kids at Amani

We have been working with Victoria in Zimbabwe and we have stocked her with DFG kits and clothes – we hope that the embassy here in Canberra will choose to support shipments to Zimbabwe after Victoria returns back there in Summer.

Victoria and I …. DFG Kits for Zimbabwe

Finally my husband are off to Vanuatu in August to deliver clothes, kits, supplies, DFG kits and glasses in 46 kilos of extra baggage! We cannot wait to see Ednah and delivering the items to her for the villagers she supports through her work.

Ednah and her patient with his sons

And I would like to shout out to all the ladies who sew, pack, cut ribbons, overlock, raise money, buy undies and facewashers, collect soaps, find fabric and chat to people about what we do, every week to make this all work – we know that we are all small pieces of a gigantic puzzle – but it all helps so much.

In particular I would like to thank Frances C who has been amazing over the past year or so – as she and her husband move to a warmer climate to be closer to her family and grandchildren. Thanks Frances for your friendship, for your enthusiasm and mostly for your consistent presence and expertise! I will miss you!

Take care dear friends til our next update!

With love – Carol