1st quarter Update

I have taken some time to get to this post as simply we have had so much thrown at us – in Canberra, Australia and the world recently it is hard to know where we could begin.

Here we are after what can only be viewed as the most crazy time we have ever lived through. It has been hard, more than hard, it has been sad too for most of us here in Canberra but devastating for Australia and the year continues to be challenging with Coronavirus Covid 19 affecting the worlds population.

Through the worst drought we barely kept things going when fires ravaged the lands we hold dear – our beautiful South Coast was devastated with people losing their lives and their homes and it was felt throughout NSW and Victoria too and up into Queensland.

The hill behind our suburb

Our land was tinder dry with 6 months of no rain – and the fires took hold and could not be stopped for over 5 weeks. The light at this time was the amazing ESA Commissioner Georgeina Wheelan who was our hero as she kept us calm and informed throughout the fires – it got so close to us – 12 km away and my home was in danger as we face paddock – there is nothing between.

The sky behind our house (we are on the left)

Throughout this time we changed our sewing to meet the needs of thousands of native animals affected by fires, losing their parents, mobs and habitat – injured macropods (roos and wallabies), koalas, wombats, possums, gliders and bats – the Sew for A Girl team sewed bat wraps and mummy rolls for the bats, pouches for the joeys and hanging bags for the roos, wallabies and wombats. We sent 4 car loads of stock to the south cost, 6 boxes and 6 post packs around the eastern coast and inland of Australia. Many of us just wanted to do something!

Sewing for our wildlife

We also supplied a number of organisations with clothing for their children who had lost their clothes in the fires, and for families affected by the terrible drought in both NSW and Queensland.

The roos in their hanging pouches

Then as we turned the corner in late January from the fire devastation we had a major hailstorm in Canberra, which wrote off 25000 cars with extensive hail damage – this caused people great difficulty with transport needs for their family and many have had to borrow to update a car that they were not expecting – causing financial distress.

And now Covid 19! We await to see how this changes out world – for this post at least we are working and running our businesses from home, self isolating as much as possible and the Sew for a Girl Team are sewing at home – we are unable to meet until the crisis has passed. Thank goodness for email and facebook which helps us stay connected with each other.

But on the bright side, and we must remember there is always a bright side – we have sent 95 kilos of Days for Girls Kits, school equipment and balls, toothbrushes and past and bras to Pakistan in January and at my door is another shipment due to be picked up this weekend. While it may take longer for the deliver to get to Lubna in Pakistan – it is happening and we will be in a different place in three months time.

Sew for a Girl Canberra will continue to sew and bring hope to those who are in most need within Australia and the wider community. Our sewers are sewing to ensure we are ready to assist when needed. In fact – I can probably say it is helping to keep us sane at the moment as the world seems in a strange and challenging period.

Just in closing I want to say how much I appreciate you all – you all are so important to this work, and you matter.

So please stay strong and stay safe.

With deep love and respect – Carol