May Update

This year is a strange one indeed and there is one thing for sure – safety of both our volunteers and countries we assist is our top priority. So with this in mind we are currently not having sewing and packing days but will resume in July – fingers and toes crossed.

What we are doing for the short term until we resume the monthly sewing and packing days is that we are doing pick ups and drop offs at SHOUT in Pearce ACT – this is working really well. We have nominated Mondays because it is easiest to have one day allocated but we have a large stock at SHOUT so we are definitely flexible on that.

One thing for sure is that ‘Periods don’t stop for pandemics’ The need is great and our work is essential – but while things are slow here – I expect we will have a lot to do as transport becomes available to countries.

Lubna has received a shipment to Pakistan in May and we have also sent another shipment in April – so there are a lot of clothes, days for girls kits, bras, hygiene products and school pencils etc to get out the the community when things calm down.

With this in mind we will not be sending another shipment in July to Pakistan – rather we have two shipments that we will get out as soon as we can:

  • Solomon Islands desperately needs clothing for their domestic violence crisis service so we will be sending 25 kilos of clothes via the Australian Federal Police
  • We will supply Amani Children’s Home in Tanzania with a set of clothes for each child (50 to 60 kids)

The Philippines shipment is on hold at present until Tess has finished building her home so we will supply once they are needed.

As you may be aware we have been asked to make our kits plastic free so we needed to learn and make a travel bag and pack the components differently to what we are used too. This new way has made things easier in that the kits are more compact and we can fit more into the box – plus they are easier to identify the size from the outside.

Lastly – I want to thank everyone for still assisting where they can through this strange and challenging time – the need is great and we will be using resources to assist kids and women all over the world once things settle – I am so grateful for your help – together we do great things!!

With love – Carol