February Update

There is so much happening at the present so I thought I would just do a quick update tonight to keep everyone up to speed.

As far as Pakistan is concerned there are two main things happening – the shipment of 157 kilos left my place tonight! – thanks to Pakistan Express Freight – !!!! for both Sara in Islamabad and Lubna in Punjab – kits, clothes, school supplies, toiletries and bras and all the knitted and crochet blankets, beanies, and baby wear – the cost was $800 but well worth getting on its way

Punjab Pakistan

With Sara in Islamabad we are doing a two pronged approach – the ladies (and older girls) that sew in her vocational centre will be making pads of the most useful design and we are going to pay for flannelette and a PUL like barrier – the pads will be all in one and have layers of flannelette which may be awkward to dry but we will see how it all works out. I was given a snap press a year ago – so it is now on its way to Pakistan – I have ordered snaps and the dies for the machine and she is very happy to be able to offer the ladies a good solution.

When you have a new bra to gain dignity at work and school

Sara will be distributing our kits in marginalised schools and communities along with bras – so I said we would send bras as we get them. The need is very great and Sara is involved in I Support the Girls – a charity which supplies girls with underwear, bras and pads – however the pads are disposable and Sara is excited to look at another workable solution – As Sara said last night ‘I am the girl who is known for underwears and pads, now I can be known as the girl who can give washable pads too.’

This simple kit (Days for Girls Kit) will change her life

My hope is that we will be able to support her to build an enterprise….. and the women will have an income – anyway – small steps as we worked around language last night  and working out what eachother meant – bamboo, panda – for bamboo fabric – was very funny and Sara told me there was a dibbler on every street ….. which seems to mean a sort of Mr Minute – who can put snaps on garments for a fee …. it is always fascinating

Describing the Days for Girls kit

The other amazing thing is how the DFG leaders in Australia have supported our Teams work – they have been sending their kits to me to distribute and they are very excited – so many want to help – I guess we are seen to actually be getting out there – and teams want their kits to go to the girls. I now have another 300 for Lubna to send in the next shipment being delivered from Emu Plains straight to the warehouse in Marsden Park. Lubna is now going to operate in more cities – how good is that????

As I write this I know that Sri Lanka is sitting waiting for kits and that we will be looking at supplying them through donations from the Sri Lankan Community to get them there – I love that the Ambassador and his wife are keen to become involved – who knows where this might lead.

No need to go to the town every time you have a period

Lastly thank you for all your amazing support for our work – I am blown away with how people help and support it all – I am totally excited to let you know that our four markets this year will raise money for Days for girls and our work. Through the sales of our market totes which has been incredible. I have asked for permission to extend the market through the corridor a bit more sooooo – it is going to be awesome – and it will also help us raise funds – because – the shipments, fabric and costs have been high lately – but it is great stuff!! And I am so proud we raised the money last year at the markets and through some kind donations – I am happy to spend it to get the kits across the world.

We have lots to do this year – and lots of girls to offer dignity and education through our work.

There is so much to do, and together we can!

She has got this. We have got her!

Every girl. Everywhere. Period.