Quick Update March

Hello friends

It has been a crazy few months but I am thrilled to let you know how we are going and what we are achieving. Firstly we have recently sent kits to Sri Lanka and we are working with a local charity called Child Fund in Sri Lanka to do the work on the ground and gain an exemption for bringing the DFG kits into the country tax free. It has been an issue and it now seems that this will alleviate the tax impost.

On the Philippines front we have just had a packing day where we sent 325 kits to the Philippines in late February, plus bras, toiletries and children’s clothing. The demand for kits is massive and we are grateful that other teams from around Australia have been helping us keep up with the demand.

With Pakistan two huge shipments have left Australia, due to arrive in Pakistan by the end of April. last weekend we sent 250 kilos of kits which was a magnificent effort. Lubna and Sara are already distributing from the shipment they received last week.

Our sewing and packing days are back in full swing and we have more room for storage for which I will be immensely grateful. Storage was really difficult last year – event though I try to get things out as quickly as I can.

We have three interns – Santosh, Lovepreet and Deepak who are building the new Canberra Circle of Women website as part of their University Degree. This will eventually take over from this website and incorporate all of our work.

We aim to launch Canberra Circle of Women in the mid year – and hope to run an awesome event.

I am humbled and grateful for the nomination of Woman of the Year 2022 (Canberra) and as I write this, I am awaiting the results tomorrow night. This is always a team effort and I am so thankful to have an amazing team of so many people helping to make this all happen.

The Pearce Crafters market is going from strength to strength and our first market is in April on the 23 and 24th. It was funded by ACT Events and we are looking forward to building a strong profile through this new funding. It will be a wonderful year! We sell our wonderful tote bags at these markets and it helps pay our freight costs

Many people ask me what we need – so this is a list – it is in no means exhaustive but all is very helpful.

  • Cotton fabric, cotton lace, flannelette
  • Toothbrushes and toothpaste
  • New underwear for boys and girls – all sizes
  • School supplies – pencils, exercise books etc
  • bras – preloved, clean with lots of wear left
  • kids clothing – summer up to size 10 – clean and unstained – Philippines
  • Kids shoes – Philippines
  • Toiletries, soaps, panadol, bandaids and bandages, antiseptic, worming medicine – Philippines

Lastly – I want to say thank you for your support in so many ways – we all make this happen in the world and together we change lives of women and children, families and communities in the countries we serve.

With love – Carol