About Sew for A Girl Canberra

 How would it be if every child was clothed, no matter what their circumstances? 


Where we started:

Sew a Girl Canberra started with a box of fabric gifted to me. A dear friend thought that I might like to make aprons from them (which I make for my business). However the fabrics weren’t really suitable for aprons, but were too good to give away, so I scoured the internet and came across Dress a Girl Around the World. We started with this charity but soon went out on our own as we got very busy supplying clothing through contacts we made throughout the world.

Since we started five years ago, we have grown and we manage our own deliveries and now are combining the Days for Girls kits with our work. We have realised that unless we keep the girls in school then they will not have the possibility of breaking the cycle of poverty, early marriage and childbirth. When women are given an education it builds stronger and sustainable communities. Education, and staying in school irrespective of the time of the month, is the key to making real and sustainable change.

Who we are:

We are as varied as women everywhere… we are mothers, grandmothers, married or single women …. we are stay at home, retired, working or  professionals …… we are your neighbour, your friend, your boss or your colleague. Essentially we are a group of Canberra based women with a passion to be involved with something sustainable to make a difference to girls around the world. It is practical and a special way to help girls feel valued and special. We are on facebook and we welcome you to join our page.

What we do:

We sew, we cut, we donate, we promote, we lobby, we fundraise, we all give in many varied ways which are all important to the success of our group. Our diversity makes us strong. Every person has their own skills and we use those skills to produce dresses and Days for Girls Packs which change lives.

Our dresses:

Each dress and pair of shorts is made of quality fabric and sewn very well, to withstand washing in rivers and wearing by several girls in the family. The intent is that the dress is always a gift, donated and free, and therefore we are careful to ensure that the dresses go to children who really need them. We have a criteria to make sure that this is honoured, the criteria is here. Most clothing goes to orphanages, schools and associations who work with girls in need, we are careful to ensure, as much as possible, that they are never sold.

Donations and status:

Dress a Girl Canberra itself does not have charitable status and so monetary donations are not tax deductible. However Days for Girls is an international charity and we have a bank account you may use to record a tax deductible receipt

Account Name: Tuggeranong

BSB: 064 032

Account number: 10134986

13645245_10205095485866463_1243249826138324238_nOur first sewing day

We are always looking for donations of cotton printed and colourful fabric, bias binding, elastic, trims and new undies sizes 2 to 14. And of course we happily accept money donations which are used for postage of the dresses, materials or specific projects. For more on money donations go here and and delivery of goods here.

We also are always happy to have assistance in sewing. You do not have to be local, we can post you the pattern which is available in the shop, and you post the completed dresses back to me in Canberra.

Please email me for more information on carol@sewforagirlcanberra.com

Our code:

We provide children with a special well-made clothing, so that they are adequately clothed and feel valued.

We provide our service entirely free of charge to the recipients.

We recognise that education is a child’s right and offers opportunity to break the cycle of poverty and helps the community in where they live.

We make and distribute Days for Girls Packs as an important part of our work.

We use the donations we receive for the express purpose of sewing for girls in need.

We widen our horizons and build our capacity to reach more girls as we are able.

We do not take administration fees or pay staff with any donated funds and every donation will be used in our work in it’s entirety and the purpose in which it was given.